The rates of chronic diseases occurring worldwide have risen annually for decades and while our conventional medical system is populated by amazing practitioners with the best of intentions, most lack the education and training on lifestyle and diet to provide the best care possible for those suffering from chronic diseases. Indio High School Health and Nutritional Sciences (HANS) Academy is determined to change the narrative and provide this education early in our future practitioners’ academic careers. 

Seniors Darinka Rivera, Monserrath Arellano-Ayala, and Samantha Cardenas build a comprehensive digestive system out of sculpting clay as part of a unit exam. 

The HANS Academy was initially created with one major goal in mind: to provide advanced nutrition education for those who wish to enter health careers in the future so that they may have the knowledge and skills to provide the healing power of proper nutrition for their future patients as well as enjoy the benefits personally. This initial dream has been realized and expanded upon; the HANS Academy is now well known across the Coachella Valley for providing education and experiences around its three pillars of wellness: Movement, Nutrition, and Mindfulness. 

Yoga, meditation and guided imagery classes, and medical-based nutrition therapy training take place weekly for Indio High students. Students also learn about various health careers in conventional and integrative medicine and participate in advanced laboratory practices that many college students rarely get to experience.

The HANS Academy offers these opportunities with an underlying goal of producing a future health care workforce with a greater emphasis on the “care” of oneself and others by employing natural healing techniques and tried-and-true ancient practices for healing and longevity. 

In the image, three seniors are building a complete digestive system out of sculpting clay without the aid of a book or any other resources as part of a unit exam. Darinka Rivera, Monserrath Arellano-Ayala, and Samantha Cardenas “aced” their exam as they accurately constructed the entire digestive tract with accessory organs, naming all parts, regions, and subparts, as well as describing their functions. The seniors will go on to learn about the gut microbiome, enteric nervous system, and how our symbiotic relationship with microbes plays a major role in our overall health. 

The HANS Academy is always seeking guest speakers from the local health and wellness community, and we would love to host you on our beautiful campus as you share your story and knowledge with our amazing 21st Century healers.

For more information on the Indio High Health and Nutritional Science Academy (HANS), contact Jason Tate at [email protected]

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