fh-CVEP-2Senior students in Cathedral City High School’s HEAL program have been putting their academic and career-technical skills to good use  this year, providing significant medical support for their school.  As 11th graders, HEAL students completed ROP Medical Terminology and First Responder courses, as well as CPR/AED & First Aid certifications and had the privilege of training with the Cathedral City Fire Department in Teen CERT (Community Emergency Response Team).  Now as 12th graders they are able to use their knowledge and training in a very real way.

The Great Shake-Out Drill on October 18, 2012 at Cathedral City High School was more than the standard “drop & cover/evacuate. There were full moulage victims with very real mock injuries.  There was plenty of fake blood and impaled objects for the HEAL Seniors to triage and treat.  The 67 HEAL seniors formed the campus First Aid team, under the supervision of medically trained HEAL counselor and teachers, and school nurses, who were careful to limit their role so these enthusiastic students could take full responsibility.

fh-CVEP-1Students used their CERT training to form triage, treatment and transport teams, with appropriate communication protocols.  They used their first aid and CERT training to determine the status of each victim, treat their injuries and monitor their status throughout the drill.

Much credit goes to the HEAL students, who faced their fears and put their knowledge and skills to work.  Many thanks goes to the wonderful industry and education partners who made it possible for HEAL students to do this work.  This effective use of real-life skills never would have happened without the hands-on training and interactions with professionals who took student learning to the next level.   These young people can now serve as responsible members of our community, ready to take action and to help save lives.

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  • Henry J. Adolfi

    Just an FYI,the HEAL students will also be staffing the first at tables at the SAG stops for the Tour de Palm Springs bike ride on Feb 9th. Another way they will be getting real life experience and putting to use the skills they have learned in the HEAL program.

    Hank Adolfi, HEAL Instructor


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