Happy New Year, my dear friends. I know on a collective level, most of us are glad to see the end of 2020. That in itself is a reason for celebration with the good, bad and the ugly behind us; we did it! 

I want to personally congratulate you on getting past the worst of 2020 and being here to embrace a new beginning. It’s an opportunity for us to start fresh no matter what has happened individually and as a community. Maybe it is an enthusiastic start, or perhaps a conscious end to something you have wanted to let go. This new year represents a choice you can make to take back your power no matter the circumstances. 

Did you find yourself saying, “Because of COVID, I didn’t get to do this, that or the other”? If so, I invite you to live this year differently. Instead of blaming circumstances such as people, places and things, I encourage you to say, “Because of COVID, I got to do this, that or the other, and I feel so good about myself for taking the step to be who I want to be!” 

This year is where you get to embrace a new you; you get to choose the language you speak to yourself and others, not regurgitating what others are negatively saying to you. Whether you want to drop a few pounds, mend a relationship, maybe even end some relationships, create a new career path or find a new job. Whatever it is, this is time to look within and see what has stopped you from living the life you really want and desire – to become the authentic new you. 

Will you continue to tell the story of the bad times that have happened, or are you ready to live your new life, new story, new you? There is a saying, “where attention goes, energy flows,” and I want to bring that to the front of your mind. The new you is where your attention can be; get clear on what that might be for you. Consider reframing your experiences to focus on the positive, so when you remember 2020, you think, “Wow, I can’t believe I did that!” instead of “Ugh, last year was the worst, and I can’t see this year being any better.” 

No matter who you are, I absolutely guarantee that more positive things happened in your life last year than you might think, and 2021 will only get better if you allow yourself to see what is possible. 

I look forward to meeting the new you full of vibrant health, joy and passion for life; however life is for you. I toast cheers to your new beginnings. 

Dipika Patel is a certified holistic health coach and lifestyle practitioner who empowers her professional clients to activate an overall balanced lifestyle of mind, body and soul. Her inaugural book, Own Your Inner Bitch So She Can’t Own You, is coming soon. Dipika can be reached at (760) 821.3119 or www.LoveYourLifeHealthy.com.

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