Fear is the greatest impediment to our health and well-being, not illness, pollution, GMO food tampering or war. Fear casts a shadow over our lives from the day we are born to the day we pass on. It’s the root cause of all the things mentioned above, affecting our mental, emotional and physical health. Hopefully, this article can help inspire, enhance or orient you onto a path to counter your fears.

Life indeed appears uncertain, and uncertainty causes fear. Yet, a way exists to manage or even master this condition. It helps us intuit when we have a silent illness, sense when people or situations may be harmful and guides us to making better decisions. What I’m describing is attuning to a higher consciousness to understand how the world operates and the role we as human beings play in the grand scheme of things. The good news is that this force of consciousness is not separate from us, it’s within us.

The path to this awareness is different for each individual. For me, it came with a series of very vivid and unexpected psychic or spiritual experiences. Here’s a tip to help guide your spiritual or consciousness journey— look to connect the dots. You can create a roadmap of consciousness for yourself. Any roadmap needs more than one coordinate like north and south or latitude and longitude to get on the right track. For example, I studied the ancient Judeo-Christian mystical texts of sages called the Gnostics. That led me to quantum physics, not so odd because both essentially deal with the nature of the light, matter and energy that make up our physical world.

What became apparent was that the spiritual myths employed by the ancient sages described every major theory of modern quantum physics, from parallel universes and the Big Bang to the nature of particles and the conversion of energy to matter as in Einstein’s famous E=mc2 formula.

Many scientists are now leaning toward the ancient spiritual truth that a single consciousness is the basis of all reality, and our personal consciousness is part of the entire creation process. Spiritual mysticism and science are the coordinates that got me started. Soon, other “dots” fell into place like understanding the role of archetypes and synchronicities in our lives from the field of psychology. When you start accumulating these connections, they cloak you with a sense of understanding that is healing at many levels.

Higher consciousness is an antidote to fear. Some people employ faith, but knowledge is of a higher order because it can help your rational mind to release your intuitive nature. However you are guided, life is like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s our task to put the pieces together. Look for how the jagged edges of the puzzle pieces interconnect to form a pattern of information. We live in a multiverse so take a multi-dimensional approach to improve your quality of life.

Peter Canova of Rancho Mirage is a multi-award-winning author and international businessman. His latest book, Quantum Spirituality, is a highly acclaimed work connecting centuries of spiritual wisdom with modern science. For more information, visit www.petercanova.com

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