“Rethink Your Drink”

“Rethink Your Drink” challenge

This past December, Women Leadership Forum’s Young Women Leaders (YWL) gathered for a volunteer day at F.I.N.D. Food Bank. The girls learned about food insecurity which affects 90,000 members of our community, as well as the value of nutritious food –for those they were serving, as well as their own circle of family and friends.

The day’s activities included separating donations, bagging deliveries and working together as a team to accomplish much needed tasks. The girls also took part in Rethink your drink challengethe “Rethink Your Drink” challenge. Each wrote down their weekly consumption of beverages, and then guessed the amount of sugar they had consumed by placing that amount in a cup.

Next they were given a chart with actual sugar content per item and asked to fill separate cups with the actual amounts. All were shocked and surprised to find how much sugar they had actually consumed simply from their drinks. Options were discussed and lessons learned.

Volunteers from this group will be taking their lessons back to their schools as health ambassadors under the guidance of Women Leadership Forum members, Drs. Nicole Ortiz and Sonja Fung of the Live Well Clinic. Each student will submit a video of their planned lesson before heading out to demonstrate and teach their counterparts.

We thank these YWLs for their contributions and for continuing to spread the word of good health within their communities.

For more information on Women Leadership Forum and the Young Women Leaders program, visit WLFDesert.org. Please consider volunteering or donating to F.I.N.D. Food Bank. Contact Debbie Hulsey at (760)775.3663 [email protected].

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