While Zelda’s has long been known as one of the valley’s hottest nightclubs, upstairs they are turning up the heat at Bikram Yoga Plus – Palm Springs where Disco Inferno Hot Pilates offers Friday night fun combined with a full body workout. With many fitness fans seeking healthier nightly activities, this rocking class is growing in popularity.

Hot Pilates is a training system which combines Pilates principles with high intensity interval training set to high energy music and performed in a room heated to 95 degrees with 40 percent humidity. The practice is designed to create long, lean muscle mass, burn fat, and increase fitness levels. On Friday nights at Bikram Yoga Plus – Palm Springs, multi-colored lights from all directions are added, along with a disco ball and nonstop beat orchestrated by a live DJ.

It has all the makings of a discotheque dance floor, but with a full body workout designed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve overall health.

“I’m not a club girl, so this is my disco night,” said Meredith Pour, who started attending Inferno Hot Pilates classes at Bikram Yoga Plus – Palm Desert. “Now that there is a studio in Palm Springs, where I live, I go to Inferno Hot Pilates classes about three times a week. I have seen amazing weight loss and have made so many friends.”

The exhilarating class follows the same principles of other Pilates classes in controlling muscles while lifting against gravity and resistance, a technique originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century. Both studios offer Inferno Hot Pilates classes throughout the week; Disco Inferno Hot Pilates takes place Fridays from 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. in Palm Springs.

“By adding heat, we are warming the muscles so they are working more efficiently,” said Annmarie Lynn, who opened the Palm Springs studio with Denise DuBarry Hay in March. “And, when we add the lights and music, it just becomes more fun!”

Lynn is one of only six certified Inferno Hot Pilates instructors in the Coachella Valley. She is also a certified Bikram Yoga instructor taught directly by Bikram Choudhury who developed the unique practice in the 1970s. Lynn is a former gymnast who found life-changing pain relief after practicing Bikram Yoga for less than three months. Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping others find the same healing through yoga and Pilates.

“Annmarie and all the instructors are so positive and inspiring,” adds Pour, “and Disco Inferno is definitely a healthier Friday night option for me!”

Bikram Yoga Plus – Palm Springs is located at 611 S. Palm Canyon Drive. Bikram Yoga Plus – Palm Desert is located at University Village. For more information, visit coachellayoga.com or call (760) 832.8655.

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