Lauren-and-MarielWhat an honor to interview Mariel Hemingway. Her tragic family history is an American legacy, yet she is a beacon of hope for many affected by mental illness. This topic was a key focus at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Conference in January, and we are delighted to open the door on this unspoken truth.

Meanwhile, our lead feature reveals the evolution of wheat and why today’s crops are vastly different from those of our ancestors. In Wheat Belly, Davis provides a compelling look at the change, and the effect it is having on our health…and our waistlines. We thank Dr. Scherger for sharing his revelation and hope to inspire other individuals–and practitioners–to at least read the book. My husband and I made this lifestyle change two years ago and have seen many health conditions, along with minor aches and pains, magically disappear.

This issue of Desert Health® presents many opportunities for positive change, from nutrition and exercise, to giving back to our community. We encourage you to further pursue those topics which spark interest, and to take part in the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (pg. 17). We encourage health care professionals to volunteer at the upcoming California CareForce clinic where thousands show up seeking dental, vision and medical care (pg. 15). And we ask everyone to dine out on April 24th in the name of AIDS.

Above all, we thank you for reading Desert Health® and for taking steps towards bringing out the best in yourself, and in others. Never forget that we are all in this together.

Wishing you best of health~
Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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