Sitting for long periods of time can impair your health

Sitting for long periods of time can impair your health

Did you know that sitting for long periods is detrimental to your health – even if you get the recommended 150 minutes of exercising per week?

It’s true. One study found that adults who sat for four or more hours per day were at a 125 percent increased risk for cardiovascular disease as compared with adults who sat for two hours each day or less. Obesity is also more prevalent in sitters.

So how can you protect yourself if you have a desk job?

Here are four tips:

  1. Get up and walk around
    Adopt the 20/20 rule: For every 20 minutes of sitting, spend 20 seconds to stand, walk, stretch and move around.
  2. Convert to a stand or treadmill desk
    If you have flexibility (or maybe work from home), consider converting from sitting to standing.
  3. Ditch the conference room
    Many meetings take place with co-workers. Schedule walking meetings with co-workers. It helps stretch and exercise muscles not to mention clearing the mind and providing a fresh perspective.
  4. Walk or stand during breaks, while on the phone and at lunch.
    We become creatures of habit. Sitting is one of them. Break the sitting habit and walk or stand when you can.

While sitting at your desk may be considered “part of the job,” proactively incorporating simple changes to protect your health should be considered an important part of life.

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