Pandemic fatigue is setting in, and for many, so is apathy. Frustration at the limitations imposed on us as individuals and the world at large can be harmful, especially when we let it affect the way we treat ourselves and others. Apathy can lead to unsafe behaviors and disregard for those around us, which will only set us back individually and as a community. 

Mental distress and substance abuse are on the rise, but professionals say this is a normal response to what’s happening right now. So, you are not alone. We could all use a little help, and it starts with self-care. 

There’s one thing with which we have all been blessed – more time. Let’s use it wisely and make more time for self-care. You are truly the most important thing that matters right now. So, be good to you.

Making self-care a priority is a mindset. You first have to commit to yourself, then create positive activities that take you out of the bigger picture, even if it’s just for a while. A strolling walk, spending time in nature, a bath or simply sitting still and quieting the mind brings us into the present moment and allows us to let it all go. We need that right now.

If every day feels the same, change up your morning routine to create a fresh start. Instead of turning on the news or going to your computer with a cup of coffee, begin with soft music, meditation or silence under the cool morning sky.

Find a passion to look forward to each day. Beyond a good book or challenging puzzle, put your hands to work. Create. Do something you used to do – or have never done before. Paint, build a bird house, grow new vegetables. Use this unique period in your life to do something you will remember for decades to come; those are the memories we will want to take with us.

These small steps can make a big difference in your overall health, and bring you peace of mind. Self-care leads to healthier decisions and will help keep you safe, sane, vigilant and heart-centered. It starts with you, so be good to you.

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