There are many luscious and mysterious chemicals that become activated in the body when we fall in love. These chemicals create a magic potion of sorts that bypasses the radar of our rational mind and creates a timeless state of euphoria. When we’re in love, we look brighter, happier and palpably more youthful.

The key then is learning how to activate these love juices within ourselves, whether we are falling in love with someone or not. Let’s first get to know these exotic potions:

Norepinephrine (or Noradrenalin) is a chemical that stimulates the neurons in our brain and activates adrenaline, causing our heart to accelerate or ‘skip a beat’ as we call it, when we fall in love. Norepinephrine in the brain can heighten feelings of joy. It also can decrease appetite…which is why many people lose weight when struck by love.

Dopamine is a neurochemical that sends messages from the brain to the body. As a precursor to norepinephrine, dopamine activates our reward circuitry and the pleasure system of our brain, amplifying feelings of enjoyment. It motivates us and increases our social abilities. It also can induce the release of other chemicals such as rest-inducing serotonin, and mood-elevating oxytocin, also known as the bonding chemicals associated with nurturing and generous affection.

Phenylethylamine or (PEA) is a modulator of norepinephrine and dopamine. As this chemical cocktail combines together, we feel the euphoric and the energizing chemistry of love. PEA, therefore, has a unique ability to enhance our innate sexuality, reverse aging and restore more youthful mental and physical functions. It is a research-proven mood-brightener that can quickly lift the lows of depression, sadness, hopelessness and discouragement.

By activating these love potions, we can actually fall in love with ourselves while broadening our capacity to love others in a more meaningful way. Imagine what it would be like to have a continuous love affair with life!

Six Tips to “Sexy”

  • Eye Contact: Yes, studies have shown that your body’s PEA is enhanced, simply by a loving gaze into the eyes of another. It is a dual PEA charge for you as well as your gazing counterpart. You can also gaze into your own eyes in the mirror to percolate PEA within yourself.
  • Exercise, Sexercise and Breathe! Research has shown that depressed people show low levels of PEA which explains why exercise is a natural anti-depressant as it penetrates and oxygenates the brain barrier, causing a natural high. I can think of no better form of exercise than the sumptuous arousal of sex with a loving partner!
  • Enhance Your Dance: Not only is dance a creative form of exercise, it has the ability to activate your brain’s pleasure centers, enhancing dopamine and oxytocin. Dance can also kindle flirtation and eye contact which enjoyably activates the PEA chemical cocktail. So, get out there and flirt!
  • Consume Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is nature’s luscious superfood. It contains more than 500 natural chemical compounds, including the mood-elevating and pleasure-inducing PEA, which explains why love and chocolate have a deep correlation. It’s known to have one of the highest anti-oxidant ORAC factors of all foods. Its high magnesium content promotes relaxation, explaining why women often crave chocolate when stressed or hormonal. Avoid commercial chocolates with high sugar content. Experience the sheer magic of consuming raw cacao beans or chocolate bars with at least a 72% pure cacao content. Organic, fair-trade chocolate is best.
  • Consume a PEA-rich Diet: Protein-dense plant foods contain some of the richest sources of phenylalanine. Enrich your diet with blue-green algae, raw organic legumes, flaxseed, almonds, walnuts and tahini. Pink salmon, free range grain-fed eggs, sheep and goat milk and cheeses are also rich in PEA.
  • Detox Your Life: Remove toxic thoughts from your mind and toxic chemicals from your body. Include a daily diet of positive thought and upbeat conversation. Consume plenty of pure water, organic fresh fruits and leafy greens. These foods will alkalize your body and increase enzyme activity leaving you fresh and vibrant.

Activating your love chemicals is an act of your own personal alchemy that will not only stimulate you, but will make you wildly irresistible to others!

Christina Fior, transformation life coach, author, and founder of The Ageless Code Lifestyle, has merged her 40-year professional background combining preventative wellness and metaphysics into a lifestyle practice that optimizes personal potential. Christina’s book, SELF-LOVE: A Woman’s Book of Healing and Inspiration is available on Amazon: For more information:

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