It’s that time of year when everyone thinks about finally getting into shape. If you are one of those people, then I recommend hiring a personal trainer for the following reasons:

Greater Results, Less Time

A personal trainer is educated in fitness with a greater understanding than the average person of how the body works. For this reason, they are more qualified to assess what type of exercises will be most beneficial to you in achieving your personal fitness goals. You’ll see faster results with less effort than you would if you simply started out on your own. Plus, less time at the gym equals more time to do other things. Working out shouldn’t be a strain on your schedule and with the help of a personal trainer, you’ll work out quicker and see results of your labor much sooner.

Injury Prevention

If you aren’t used to working out, or have limited experience in the gym, safety is always a factor. Injury can be common when exercising and not always physically apparent. Improper form reduces the effectiveness of the exercise and may result in muscle strains. Lifting too much weight can result in a dropped dumb-bell on your foot or chest. These common injuries can quickly end all your good intentions.

A personal trainer will start you on a safe program and will monitor your form and progress to ensure you are maximizing the effectiveness of your workout without injury.


It takes dedication to maintain a workout routine and half of the people who start usually don’t reach their goal. With a personal trainer, you’ll always have someone “watching over your shoulder” and ensuring you hit the gym regularly. They encourage you to keep on schedule and ensure a better return on your investment.

If getting in shape or losing weight has been an unsuccessful resolution in the past, make this the year you achieve your goals. A personal trainer can help you get there.

Casey Washack has been helping people achieve their goals as a certified personal trainer since 1999. He is certifed in nutritional counciling through Precision Nutrition. He has trained a broad array of clients from US Marines to those with physical limitations or disorders. Casey is co-owner of Next Level Fitness in Palm Desert and can be reached at 760.413.9858 or [email protected]

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