Most of us are feeling some level of trepidation as the world begins to open after a year of pandemic isolation. The information about what’s safe changes daily, and we don’t yet have information about the need for a booster or exactly how protected we are from reinfection.

Our mental health has been challenged. Some of us are experiencing “post-COVID stress disorder,” COVID-19 related anxiety and depression that experts say may linger after the pandemic is over.

Amid the confusion, fear and stress we’ve experienced in the past year, how can we re-enter the world with resilience and build an extraordinary next chapter?

It’s important to know that feeling anxious is a normal part of post-pandemic life. Don’t assume it means you’re in danger. Take one small, low-risk step, and then another. If you’re afraid to jump into the pool, dip your toe in first. Everything in moderation. Break the habit of fixating on the future. Bring your attention back to this moment as if it’s the most important moment of your life, because it is.

Approach this transition as if it’s a new chapter. We’ve learned so much about ourselves during isolation. This is an exciting time to create something new. Spend a few minutes answering these questions to help you refine the lessons you’ve learned and cultivate your intentions for moving forward. 

How do you want to shape your relationship to time as you step back into an active lifestyle? 

Most of us were constantly pushed by our to-do lists before we went into isolation, and our lives were formed around what we thought we had to do. We’ve learned something; life will not fall apart if we don’t get it all done. 

What kind of social calendar suits you best? 

Many of us were surprised to realize that we were over-booked before the pandemic, and others learned that daily social connection is crucial to well-being. This year has taught us something about what feels balanced for each of us. 

What have you learned about your peace of mind during this year? 

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself as we return to an active lifestyle. What gives you inner peace, and how can you build more of it into your daily life? 

There are many reasons to celebrate as we step out of pandemic isolation into post-pandemic life. One of the most exciting things is this unprecedented opportunity to begin anew and create an extraordinary next chapter together. Turn your attention to creating what’s next for you. It’s time to begin!

Laya Raznick is the resident health coach for NBC Palm Springs and the lead instructor for The Daily Reset Class online. She can be reached at [email protected] or for more information, visit

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