SugarImpactDiet_COVER_0414-2With her New York best-seller, The Virgin Diet, Rancho Mirage resident JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS helped focus the national spotlight on food intolerance as the secret culprit to stubborn weight loss and impaired health. By identifying the seven most common foods to which our bodies negatively react with symptoms such as bloating, fatigue, foggy brain and achy joints, Virgin showed us how eliminating these foods can make a significant difference in our health – and our waistlines.

Her book started a movement and tens of thousands of followers have lost weight and turned their lives around. Success stories shared by fans and clients confirmed that of the suspicious seven (wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, refined sugar, and peanuts), sugar appears to have the greatest impact and is by far the hardest for most to eliminate. In addition, many seemed to be doing everything right – increasing their intake of fruits and vegetables, exchanging creamy dressing for oil and vinegar, and swapping out sugar with agave – yet still struggled with stubborn pounds and symptoms.

New York Times best-selling author, JJ Virgin

New York Times best-selling author, JJ Virgin

Further research, analysis and clinical trials led to Virgin’s follow-up book, Sugar Impact Diet, out this month. Declaring sugar “Public Enemy #1,” JJ discusses the effect different types of sugars have on our bodies, and where hidden sugars can be found.

“When you decrease your sugar intake and replace those high impact sugars with low impact options, you can begin to reverse chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease,” says JJ. “If you are carrying extra pounds, it’s because when you weren’t looking, your body trained itself to burn sugar when it needed energy instead of burning fat.”

Subject trials preceding the Sugar Impact Diet determined that in just two weeks, people were able to break free of cravings, regain control of their appetite, enjoy steady energy and better focus, and lose an average of 10 pounds.

JJ will appear at this year’s Desert Woman’s Show Saturday, November 15 at 1pm

JJ will appear at this year’s Desert Woman’s Show Saturday, November 15 at 1pm

JJ points out that not all sugars are created equal and that is where the problem lies. “No matter what source the sugar comes from, your body is going to break it down into either glucose or fructose and the end game for those two are not the same; glucose gives you fuel and fructose gives you fat, and thus, the sugar impact.” She further explains that when most sugars enter your bloodstream as part of the digestive process, they elevate blood sugar levels causing your body to release insulin to help lower those levels. But fructose bypasses this insulin release trigger by heading straight to the liver where it is converted to glucose. Some of it is stored as glycogen (carbs packed away for later use) and excess fructose turns into triglycerides, or fat.

“When you eat a lot of sugar, you train your body to need it constantly, but getting rid of it is easier than you think.” The book breaks common foods into 3 categories: high, medium and low sugar impact, and helps identify where these sugars hide (in that healthy balsamic vinegar you switched to!). Her recommended program follows 4 T’s: Test, Taper, Transition and Transform. Protocols are easy to follow and alternatives to your favorite foods are provided; there are even easy-to-prepare recipes.

As for sweeteners, JJ places stevia, 100% dark cocoa, and Xylitol in the low impact category; coconut sugar, raw honey and rice syrup in the medium impact category; and Splenda, agave, and Maltodextrin (found in many low fat/diet foods and beverages) in the high sugar impact category along with high fructose corn syrup.

If you are doing everything right and still not meeting your personal goals, or want to take the next step towards perfect health, Sugar Impact Diet may be the book for you.

Sugar Impact Diet is in stores November 4. JJ Virgin will apper at the Desert Woman’s Show on Saturday, November 15th. For more information on JJ’s programs visit

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