LQHS Medical Health Academy (MHA) is a three-year Health Science program for students interested in medical occupations that will take them from their high school experience to college, career or both. MHA students are preparing for careers including, but not limited to nurses, physicians, technicians, physical therapists, and psychologists, as well as dental and veterinary pathways.

Our program has a 100% graduation rate. Additionally, approximately 65% of our students achieve A-G (college readiness) eligibility, and 50% of our students each year receive acceptance letters from UC, Cal State, and private universities. COD enrolls the other 50% of our students who primarily attend for the RN program.

We currently partner with over 25 businesses in our medical community through mentoring, advisory councils, speakers, job shadows, and internships. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for providing guidance and “hands on” training, workplace skills, and clinical and communication skills.

Class of 2013 MHA Highlights: These students are current MHA college mentors.

Audrey Hunter. Graduating St. Louis University 2017 with a B.S. in occupational science and will graduate 2018 with a M.S. in occupational therapy. “MHA has served as a foundation for my pursuit into the medical field and confirmed my passion for what I wanted to study, helped me better identify my role, and gave me a sense of community that I strive to have in both my professional and social life.”

Charles Silva, Jr. Graduating Long Beach State 2018 with a B.S. in human development/minor in biology and will apply for medical school. “MHA was probably the best choice I made in HS. I’ve made so many connections; I can confidently say it better prepared me for life after high school.”

Liliana Gomez Garza. Graduating San Diego Christian College May 2018 with a B.S in kinesiology-PT and was accepted to Loma Linda University Doctor of Physical Therapy program. “MHA taught me valuable skills to succeed at the collegiate level. Through the classes, mentors, and internships I was able to determine what route I wanted to take in the medical field.”

Jackie Barahona. Graduating UC San Diego 2017with a B.S in human biology and currently applying for pre-med programs.

Rick Johnson. Currently EMT at AMR and will be triple majoring in paramedicine, nursing, and fire science.

Lesley Rabago. Graduating UC Riverside 2017with a B.S in biology and then applying for pre-med schools.

If you would like a volunteer intern please contact Kathy Pedersen (760) 772.4150 or Kathryn.pedersen@desertsands.us.

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