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What Will Ensue as We Emerge?

Almost There

The Champagne is chilling, and we’re all about ready to POP! Things are beginning to open up, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t wait for the days of hugs, hospitality, friends and festivals to return; these previously presumed pleasures are starting to feel within reach.

March marks a full year since we retreated to our personal pods and most of us are ready to burst out of our bubbles. Much comparison has been made to the 1920s when spirits soared, celebrations ensued, innovation accelerated, and consumerism was king. The Roaring ‘20s were referred to as the Age of Intolerance, the Mad Decade, the Golden Age, and the Age of Wonderful Nonsense. Young people were called the Lost Generation – “living gaily on gin and love,” as Malcolm Cowley famously penned. 

As we emerge from this fog of uncertainty and isolation, what decade will we create? What will our ’20s be remembered as?

We certainly hope for a similar economic boom as we step out of our sweat pants and return to civilization, supporting local shops and restaurants which need us now. Innovation already abounds as new means of moving forward and staying connected are absorbed by all ages. Just think of the many new things you’ve had to learn this year… 

The fashion and spirits industries are both projecting booms. We’ll be toasting friends with tailored looks, well-coiffed hair and painted nails. The mere thought of it brings a smile to the face! 

These exceptionally hard times have changed us all in some way. Reestablishing routines and reconnecting with old friends are certain to lighten our hearts and ease anxiety, making us happier and healthier human beings. Hopefully, we will move forward with lessons learned during darker days, and taking care of our health should remain at the top of the list. 

We are almost there and deserve all the merriment we can make. This is our decade, and while the history books have yet to be written, each of us plays a part in emerging with hope, heart and good health.

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