The quest to live a healthy and happy life has become a high priority for people now more than ever. While many are focusing their attention on physical, emotional and mental health, there is another aspect that many are exploring: spiritual health.

All people have a spiritual side to them, but not everyone recognizes it. Spirituality is that part of us that feels a connection with an invisible energy that is beyond the human. Some might call it God, Divine Spirit, or even Love. Spirituality is not about worshipping a deity, but rather, it is a way of living and cultivating a consistent state of inner peace by connecting with a higher part of ourselves. 

Spiritual health is considered an integral part of overall health and well-being throughout the world. The World Health Organization and the United Nations have stated that “health ultimately depends on the ability to manage successfully the interaction between the physical, spiritual, biological and socio-economic environment.”

Many of us have cultivated negative thoughts and beliefs that have shut us off from our spirituality, impacting our ability to live a happy and healthy life. The path of improving our spiritual health takes us on an inward journey of progressive growth and the discovery of our authentic self.  A spiritual mentor is someone who can help in that discovery and restoration.   

A spiritual mentor is trained in the art of observing a person’s thoughts and beliefs so they can help identify the internal shifts that will improve the person’s life. Tools used by practitioners include affirmations, meditation, prayer, journaling and other practices that facilitate inner growth and promote spiritual health.

In working with a spiritual mentor, clients can achieve the following benefits:

You will feel listened to and understood. Spiritual mentors are non-judgmental. They listen with an open mind and heart as they assist in changing thought patterns which may not serve you well.

You are fully supported throughout your process of inner growth. Spiritual mentors are taught to understand the many feelings that can arise during this process and are there to gently guide you through each part of your journey.

You will cultivate self-awareness. Spiritual Mentors teach you how to become aware of your personal triggers so you can respond calmly to all life situations and reduce your stress.

You will strengthen your Bounce Back Factor (BBF) or your ability to easily bounce back from adversity by living with an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful is an emotional reset button and creates a positive, vibrational field.

You will build a strong foundation of self-love. We cannot love others until we love ourselves. Working with a spiritual mentor will help to reveal your divine spiritual beauty as you unearth the treasures of your soul, or true self.

Tracy Smith is an energy intuitive therapist and Emotion/Body Code practitioner with AcQpoint Wellness Center and can be reached at (760) 409.9289.

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