Dearest Desert Health Readers, 

It is hard to put into words how grateful I am to be celebrating our 10th anniversary. WOW. I cannot thank you, and all of our marketing partners, enough for your continued support over the years. 

We began with the mission to “educate and unite” and continue to strive for those goals with each and every issue. We educate consumers to be their own health advocates through informative, inspiring and resourceful editorials from vetted contributors, and unite the medical and natural health communities through association, events and honors. 

We also present the positive aspect of the subject, so when people call us “a happy little paper,” I smile at confirmation that we have also achieved this goal.

We continue as a complimentary publication because of support from our marketing partners and I would graciously like to honor those who have been with us from our very first year (inaugural cover below):

AcQpoint Wellness Center
Avid Physical Therapy
Bikram Yoga Plus
Desert Regional Medical Center
Eisenhower Health
Halō Diagnostics (Formerly Desert Medical Imaging)
Judy Nemar Sklar
Live Well Clinic
Optimal Health Center
The Eyelid Institute

All that contribute to Desert Health also contribute to establishing Greater Palm Springs as a world-class health and wellness community and we are proud to support their efforts.

To Heather McKay and Benjamin Katz, you have been with us from the very beginning; we wouldn’t be who we are without your talents. My stepmother, Jo Ann Steadman, thank you for your attention to detail and tireless hours of editing. Rich, you are as much family as the rest and I thank you for always going above and beyond. To Scott Driscoll for dedicating eight years to “helping out,” and to Trish Lounsbury for joining the team.

Last but certainly not least, to Doris, better known as Mom, you are just as much a part of Desert Health as I am. Thank you for everything. And to my husband, Tommy (who wants to come back as a No.2 pencil), thank you for putting up with the long hours, dedication and focus.

May 2020 bring health, happiness, inspiration and joy to you all!

With sincere appreciation~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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