Come Celebrate!

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every one of you. The fact that you are reading our latest edition of Desert Health® means that you are making health a priority – or at least taking interest. This issue provides many resources to help you on your path to good health. In… Read more »

Forever Young

Science has always chased the answer to that lifelong question, “How can we live longer?”, and we may never be closer than we are today.  But is it actually living longer, or living additional years with good health and prosperity? This issue features much of the science from forward thinking doctors on telomeres, rejuvenation biology,… Read more »

Intentions vs. Resolutions

Making New Year’s resolutions is a tradition that dates back to medieval times. We love them because they bring inspiration and hope for a brand new start, but more often than not, they also bring disappointment. What if, instead of resolutions, we set intentions? Think the two words are interchangeable? They definitely are not, and… Read more »

Life: 2016

As we welcome the New Year, we say goodbye to many important people we lost in 2015. Among them is, Gloria Greer, whom I greatly admired as one of our Desert’s original publishers (Sand To Sea 1974), a respected journalist, editor, television host, and champion for her non-profit Act for MS. I had the pleasure… Read more »

Giving Thanks

What are you feeling at this moment? Are you taking a quick break from your to do list or does the title “Giving Thanks” put a smile on your face? If you chose the latter, you may already understand the transformation that living a life of gratitude brings. Giving thanks is more than a seat… Read more »

Don’t you love this time of year?

The heat has subsided, friends start to return, and the buzz of season begins. We are so lucky to call this gorgeous place home. While our picturesque landscapes are shared with the world through fashion commercials, and our colorful resort lifestyle is envied by those spending winters indoors, we shuffle through our days working (and/or… Read more »

How Was Your Summer?

We hope you made some time to recharge your batteries and create lifelong memories. Tom and I had a fun-filled summer that included a first-time trip to British Columbia. We were enthralled by Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria and the little beach town of Tofino, and brought back a new appreciation for western Canada. While we expected… Read more »

The Picture of Health

I feel certain that it won’t be long before integrative medicine becomes standard care. Impressive progress has been made in the last five years: doctors can now get board certifications in Integrative, Holistic and/or Functional Medicine; clinicians and hospitals are becoming more accepting of what used to be called alternative therapies such as acupuncture, supplementation,… Read more »

We are so Excited!

We are so excited! The Desert Health® Wellness Awards are finally here. We hope you will join us in celebrating those nominated by their peers and supporters for their contributions in moving health and wellness forward in our community. Everyone is welcome to attend the festive event, and the Official Program can be found on… Read more »

Yes We Can!

When you read about the movement towards wellness, you may regard those taking part as an elite group. But they aren’t. They are individuals just like you and me who see the effects of diabetes, cancer, AIDS, and other chronic diseases and want to see change. Those involved have a will to succeed and an… Read more »

Working Toward Wellness

What a wonderful year this has been so far! We are lucky to live in this incredible community with so many opportunities to grow and learn, and with such a focus on living – and being – well. Did you attend the Eisenhower Wellness Speaker Series lectures by Dr. Davis or Still Alice author Lisa… Read more »

So Much to Celebrate!

The New Year brings time for reflection, appreciation, intention and change. This issue is bursting with all of the above and we hope you find much inspiration on our pages. As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we reflect on our growth and the concentrated focus on wellness throughout the Coachella Valley. We appreciate the many… Read more »

‘Tis the Season of Traditions

On a recent trip back east to Lancaster, PA, I excitedly embraced the chill in the air, the changing leaves and a landscape rich in tradition. Originally from the east coast, I often miss the history and nostalgia of this region as life in the Desert is so very different. However, so am I –… Read more »

Promoting Health & Wellness

Excitement is growing for the First Annual Desert Health® Wellness Awards! Designed to enhance the focus on health and wellness in our community, the event will recognize those who are making a difference, and inspire others to take action. Approved nominees will be recognized in the issues of Desert Health® leading up to the event… Read more »

Feeling Grateful

When amazing things come together with great ease, you know they were meant to be. And with awareness, you become overwhelmed with gratitude. A year ago, I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Terry Wahls and to hear her incredible story. I knew we had to feature her in Desert Health®, and planned it for… Read more »

We Are All in This Together

What an honor to interview Mariel Hemingway. Her tragic family history is an American legacy, yet she is a beacon of hope for many affected by mental illness. This topic was a key focus at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Conference in January, and we are delighted to open the door on this unspoken truth.… Read more »

Happy New Year!

This year, let’s all take an active role in our own health care. Let’s educate ourselves and work with health care professionals who embrace ‘whole person care.’ We are fortunate to live in a community with an abundance of medical professionals, hospitals and natural health care practitioners who understand that educating consumers to take care… Read more »

We Are Blessed

Look where we are…one of the most beautiful places on earth. Our blue skies, stunning mountains, warm winter sun, and brisk morning air make our Valley one of the best places to spend your holidays, or to call home. And it appears that more and more people are calling the Desert home. It was a… Read more »

Let’s Set Some New Goals

Don’t you love setting goals? Goals give you purpose, and purpose enriches your life. On my list of “things to do at 40” (which I still carry with me), is ‘practice yoga on a regular basis.’ I had practiced it off and on over the past 20 years and knew that yoga always made me… Read more »