Lauren and Dakota


When my husband suggested moving to the Desert, two things came to mind –‘heaven’s waiting room’ as the Desert has been referred for its older demographic and ‘mystical healing powers’ as are thought to exist in this region. It took only a couple of visits to realize that the thriving Desert community consists of many… Read more »

What is Integrated Health Care?

The Coachella Valley’s health care community is unique in that it is home to internationally-acclaimed medical establishments and world-renowned holistic and alternative healthcare practitioners. When conventional western medicine is practiced in conjunction with alternative modalities it is commonly referred to as integrated health care or “integrative medicine.” A 1998 study showed that more than 40%… Read more »

Jennifer DiFrancesco

Living Wellness

It’s the New Year and a time of new beginnings. The number one priority for the population is health and wellness. This usually consists of joining a gym and starting the New Year focused on fitness goals. Unfortunately, this focus often falters. Statistics show that 50% of all new health club members quit within the… Read more »

Look in the Right Direction

To look for tropical fruit in the arctic is a waste of time. If you wish to see soaring birds, you must lift your eyes from the ground. Without knowing where to look, you can’t expect to find what you’re looking for. Why are you still looking for ways to be stronger than those situations… Read more »