What words come to mind for you as we enter the new year? Fulfillment, peace, contemplation and excitement swirl through my head creating a warm and content feeling in my belly. Much of this stems from enjoying a “holiday season of old” with family gatherings, parties and events that have allowed me to feel connected once again. A renewed sense of security says, “Life is back. You can now continue with your dreams and aspirations.” 

What about you? Are you feeling ready to take the next step towards that “thing” you’ve been wanting to do – learning something new, adopting a healthier lifestyle, writing that book?

Well, we thank you for taking us along. We strive to offer inspiration, ideas and guidance for your life journey and are proud to now enter our 13th year here in the Coachella Valley. I love our community and am truly honored to be a part of it.  

Our lead feature summarizes what I feel is the magic of our desert paradise – its people, and all we do to support each other and have fun. We certainly know how to play with purpose.

In this edition you’ll also find a cookbook that makes grain-free living fulfilling and easy; suggestions for better sleep, clearer sinuses and more radiant skin; support for mental and physical wellbeing, and inspiration for your new year resolutions: is it the journey or the goal?

Think about the words that will lead you through 2023. Write them down, pin them on your dream board or tuck them away in a convenient place to reflect on throughout the year. 

We look forward to seeing you out and about and thank you for taking us along.

Wishing you a (your word?) New Year ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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