Youthfulness and longevity is the ultimate health goal, right? It’s no wonder anti-aging supplements and products are popping up everywhere. We all strive to feel and look amazing, but many of these marketed products aren’t backed by scientific research and can potentially be a waste of money.

One product that many naturopathic and functional medicine doctors stand by is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide or NAD+. NAD+ is a central metabolic coenzyme involved in cellular energy metabolism and energy production.1 Ample research on this versatile supplement continues to demonstrate its wide range of benefits. 

Could this be a key component to youthfulness, longevity and optimal wellbeing? We believe it could be when coupled with proper diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle behaviors. Here are some of its many benefits:

Feel and look younger

NAD+ is essential to encourage youthful cellular processes and promote anti-aging. Every cell in your body relies on NAD+ to protect its DNA from harmful free radicals obtained through environmental exposures like toxins, sun damage and stress. As you age, NAD+ levels drop and your DNA can become more vulnerable, leading to damage and signs of aging. Studies have shown that NAD+ can extend lifespan and restore cell functioning, which can increase your quality of life as you age.2

Energy boost

NAD+ is necessary for energizing cells, which energizes you. As your body breaks down sugars and fats from food consumed, the energy is stored and passed to NAD+ then converted to NADH. Then, through a series of steps, NADH is ultimately used to generate ATP (aka energy for your cells and body).3 Supplying your body with extra NAD+ can give you the energy boost you need to enjoy a full day.

Brain protection

If your cognitive ability isn’t as sharp as it used to be, NAD+ may help. Brain fog and memory loss are common consequences of aging and are linked to the decline of NAD as we age. Studies show that NAD+ can boost brain function and, with its neuroprotective effects, can potentially prevent degenerative disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.4 When healthy NAD levels are present, DNA damage in brain cells is lowered, brain inflammation is reduced, and signs that synaptic plasticity is restored. 

Surprising Addiction Care Benefits

While NAD+ is a superstar in anti-aging, science is also discovering that it can play a significant role in addiction care and recovery. When a person consistently uses drugs and alcohol, their NAD+ gets depleted. This depletion negatively impacts their ability to metabolize food into energy, leaves room for DNA damage and can even make addiction tendencies worse. Supplying your body with extra NAD+ can help it function optimally while getting your health and life back on track through the addiction recovery journey.5

Dr. King is a naturopathic doctor with Pure Health in Palm Springs and can be reached at (760) 322.2520. Visit for more information.

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