SO Much More Than Golf at the Humana Challenge

The Humana Challenge is proving to be so much more than a world-class golf tournament. You probably heard about Brian Gay’s exciting playoff victory. But did you hear about the many other triumphs featured around the event? The busy weekend started early Saturday when more than 200 volunteers joined The Humana Foundation, KaBOOM!, the Boys… Read more »

Love Your Heart

Love Your Heart

We all know what our heart loves. We’ve heard it a million times…optimal weight, regular exercise and a heart-healthy diet. In an effort to achieve these goals and continue improving our well-being, most of us have probably given up some of our favorite things this time of year. But we are human, and sometimes that… Read more »

January/February 2013: How Lucky Are We?

Of all the regions across America, the Coachella Valley was chosen for the launch of the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Initiative. What does this mean to our community? This means there will be a heightened awareness and action to improve health within our schools, our government, our social circles, our non-profit organizations, and our medical… Read more »

Lung Cancer Screening Saves Lives

More people die of lung cancer each year than breast, colorectal, prostate and ovarian cancers combined.  Lung cancer kills, so why be a victim? The current lung cancer screening guidelines are in response to the results of the National Cancer Institute’s sponsored national lung screening trial (NLST).  NLST findings published in the New England Journal… Read more »

Diabetic Medications and Diabetic Eye Disease

In eye care, one of the physician quality reporting indicators is the presence or absence of diabetic macular edema. Macular edema is swelling, thickening or fluid retention in the central macular region of the retina. If left untreated, macular edema can have short-term and long-term effects on vision.  It is a treatable diabetic condition and… Read more »

The General Surgeon

50+? Schedule your colon cancer screening this year

Happy 2013 to all! As we begin the New Year, many of us have good intentions to follow through on our resolutions which may include losing weight, finishing projects we’ve put off, quitting smoking, and making more time for your family. There is one New Year’s resolution that I hope everyone over the age of… Read more »

Advanced Imaging for Non-invasive Screening

Advances in technology over the past 30 years have allowed clinicians to diagnose and treat patients using less invasive and more accurate methods. The introduction of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) changed the way physicians “looked inside” a body to see if there was an abnormality. Over the… Read more »

How to Handle Family Gatherings with Hearing Loss

Family gatherings should be a joyous time of celebration, spent with loved ones, and reconnecting with friends and family. Grandparents delight in seeing their grandchildren.  Many of us catch up with those we haven’t seen since last year. However, these gatherings can be less than pleasant for some individuals. Hearing-impaired individuals, for one, have difficulty… Read more »

Jennifer DiFrancesco

Simply Meditate

Sometimes the simplest task is the hardest. In the case of meditation this is true for many. Meditation is simply defined as the ‘cessation of fluctuations of the mind.’ There is enough statistical research supporting this, and we should all be taking time in our day to have uninterrupted quiet time focusing on the breath… Read more »

Just Another Ride On Your Harley

I have been brushing my teeth for some sixty years, so it’s not a stretch for me to believe in the value of a clean colon. But still, when asked if I would try Desert Colon Hydrotherapy and then write a review, I was a little apprehensive. I’ve been married for over twenty years and… Read more »


Top 10 Resolutions to Reach Your Optimal Health

What is Optimal Health? In his book, Dr. A’s Habits of Health, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen describes Optimal Health as ‘the highest degree of health that is possible for you to achieve.’ The reality for many people is they’re simply surviving in a slowly declining state of well-being, not really healthy and not quite sick.… Read more »

Relieve Your Pain and Improve Your Game

Pain, stress or limited motion keeps you from achieving optimal results and benefits from your sport. Pain and muscular tension interfere with your mobility on the tennis court or the swing of your golf club, reducing your performance, endurance and enjoyment. Do you wake up the day after golfing, biking or playing tennis with stiffness,… Read more »