dr mahdavi hessamProfession: Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic

Studied: Saba University School of Medicine; Southern California College of Chiropractic

Practicing: Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine at Eisenhower Wellness Institute

Originally From: Newport Beach. Has lived in the Desert for 2 years

Professional Accreditations: Member American College of Physicians Board Certification, Internal Medicine Certification, Holistic and Integrative Medicine Doctor of Chiropractic

What made you choose the Coachella Valley?  
The opportunity to work at the Eisenhower Wellness Institute and be able to practice a holistic and wellness approach to health care.

Why did you choose to practice Integrative Medicine?
I was a chiropractor before attending medical school. Because of that experience, I realized the importance of combining a holistic and natural approach with traditional medicine to effectively treat difficult diseases.

What trends in Integrative Health Care do you see here in the Valley?
Coachella Valley residents seem to have a strong interest in more natural, non-pharmaceutic approaches to wellness and optimum health. The lifestyles in the Valley show a commitment to health and longevity with an emphasis on quality of life.

What do you consider the biggest concern with our health care system today?
Patients are treated from a ‘disease’ perspective, instead of a ‘whole body’ approach–the synergy of mind, body and spirit. This includes addressing stress, nutrition, exercise and overall lifestyle.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?
Flying, reading and exercising.

Your best health advice?
Reduce as much stress in your life as possible.

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Comments (6)

  • Thank God for Dr. Mahdavi!

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      We agree! He is a good doctor and the valley is lucky to have him.
      Thank you for reading Desert Health!

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • I am interested in speaking with him for a consult..I want a primary care physician with his approach .. I am also from Newport Beach but have lived in Palm Springs since 1999.. I would like an appointment to meet him .. Holly 760-885-2800….thank you , Holly

  • Angelique Tafoya-Graham

    Dr. Mandavi is the best doctor I have had. I am sad that I moved out of state. His approach and care has been the Best for me. I miss having him as my doctor.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for your comments, Angelique!
      Hopefully more doctors will move towards integrative care like Mahdavi.

      With appreciation ~

      Lauren Del Sarto


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