Ozone therapy has a wide range of clinical applications.  While most clinical studies have focused on cardiovascular disease, ozone therapy also plays a role in the management of diabetes, cancer, chronic infections, auto-immune disease, aging and pain.  Topical or local injections also are effective for dermatological infections, cystitis, colitis, osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears and spinal disc disease.  

Ozone consists of three oxygen atoms (O2 + O) referred to as O3.  It is produced from oxygen (O2) when an energetic force such as electricity or ultra-violet light temporarily splits the O2 into two atoms of single oxygen (O).  These single atoms are very unstable and quickly rejoin to become oxygen again.  However, a small percentage of the single oxygen atoms will join to form O3.

In your body, ozone works by interacting with amino acids and lipids to form peroxides.  The specific group of peroxides it forms is called ozonides which are the “secret sauce” that induces the effect of ozone therapy with the help of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD).  

NAD is the primary mechanism for oxygen utilization, when the body converts the energy in oxygen to energy needed for all physiological activity; decreased oxygen utilization leads to degenerative diseases and aging. NAD is created in the mitochondria (our “batteries”) when NADH is reduced to form NAD.  The ozonides produced by ozone therapy penetrate cell membranes and increase the levels of NAD in our cells giving us more energy. 

NAD is essential for all cellular repair systems including RNA and DNA.  All protein synthesis and DNA cell duplication is 100 percent dependent on NAD and decreased levels will result in rapid DNA and RNA mutations.  

Ozone can be administered in many ways.  Ozone saunas are warm steam cabinets that deliver ozone through the skin.  Major Auto-Hemotherapy (MAH) is the process of withdrawing a volume of blood and mixing it with ozone gas outside the body.  The mixture of blood and ozone is then infused or injected back into the body. CheZone therapy combines chelation and MAH for cardiovascular benefits; insufflating ozone into the bladder, rectum and vagina can treat localized conditions.

Wound healing can also be enhanced through “limb bagging,” where ozone and oxygen are placed in a bag then infused into the affected area and extracted after a period of time. The ozone disinfects, activates blood circulation and speeds up the wound healing process.

Today, ozonated oils are used topically and ozonated water is available for consumption.  

Ozone is a highly effective and powerful therapy and should only be considered a part of a comprehensive, individualized approach to care.  

Dr. Drain is a naturopathic physician with Longevity Wellness in Palm Desert and can be reached at (760) 300.0558. www.LongevityPD.com

1) Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy: A Practical Guide for Physicians by Frank Schallenberger, MD (2011)

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