Has it been challenging for you to maintain a positive outlook this summer? I’ve been struggling. It seems like the outlook nationally is ominous; it’s hot and not as thrilling to be outside and I’ve allowed the economy to add to feeling constricted and scarce. 

The Paradigm Shift in Medicine Today

These are not the feelings I like to have. They are not my home territory. I’m much happier being generous, optimistic and joyful. What’s the problem? Why have these days seemed harder?

I’ve wondered what makes the difference in my outlook and realized that I just need some time to feel what I’m feeling. 

We have been in the process of “downsizing” and adjusting to moving to a home that is more appropriate for my husband and I, now that our children have launched. This means I have needed to “let go” of sentimental possessions and the home where we raised our children. And although I’m 100% aligned with this move as the right thing to do, it is hard. I’m realizing that I’m grieving the end of an era and the changes from what was our home base to the unknown. Although this grief may be much less momentous than other people’s challenges, it is my reality.

So, I’m allowing myself to feel all the feelings, and at the same time, cultivate joy. Change is inevitable. And in fact, if we cling to the past or anything that feels like our security blanket, it means our hands and hearts are not open to receiving anything new. 

I’ve decided to live with “open hands” and to be open to flow in my life. I’m choosing to stay open to letting go of the tangible possessions that I have loved in the last chapter of my life. I’m staying open to flow and making room for what’s next. 

I also am choosing to focus on abundance and gratitude. No matter what the direction of my life, I am saying thank you and reminding myself daily that there is more than enough of everything I need. As this quote reminds me, there is “limitless good” everywhere. I choose to be a part of that!

“You’re surrounded by a field of abundance and prosperity. Limitless good is everywhere. Contemplate this so that your perception changes, and, guess what, when your perception changes, your experience changes. When your context for life changes, your perception and experience change. What is your context? Your context is that you are living and moving and having your beingness in a field of limitless good.” – Michael B. Beckwith

Dr. Brossfield is the founding physician of XO Health and medical director of Brain Performance Center, both in Rancho Mirage. She can be reached at (760) 573.2761 or www.BrainCareRanchoMirage.com and on Facebook @XOHealth.

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