I have been brushing my teeth for some sixty years, so it’s not a stretch for me to believe in the value of a clean colon. But still, when asked if I would try Desert Colon Hydrotherapy and then write a review, I was a little apprehensive. I’ve been married for over twenty years and still can’t sit on the toilet with my wife in the bathroom. However, I agreed to take the challenge—with a complete understanding of why, but not really “how.”

I have eaten a poor diet and had off-and-on constipation most of my life. As I age, I have become aware of the high incidence of colon cancer and the many other colon problems facing men today.  I recently decided to become proactively healthier by changing my diet, and a system “jumpstart” in the form of a colon cleanse sounded like a good idea. Now I just needed to get over my embarrassment and overactive imagination.

Upon arriving at Desert Colon Hydrotherapy, I met owner, Tasia, who was delightful and provided a full explanation of her private system which is called the “Angel of Water” (I nicknamed it “Colon Pow”).

Okay, I can do this. It’s very private and somewhat like a cruise on your Harley. First you undress from the waist down, climb on board, cover yourself with a towel, put in the nozzle and wait for the gas station attendant to come and fill “er” up. (Like in Oregon, you can’t pump your own gas). That’s when Tasia knocks, comes in, fills the water tank, and adjusts the water temperature. She explains how to use the throttle and of course there is always a kill switch if you run into trouble. Tasia is always in the room next door if you need her. After she turns on the water jet, she leaves.

That’s when your journey begins. Your attention is immediately drawn to a three-inch clear PVC drain pipe that you continually monitor. (Tachometer if you would still rather think you are on your Harley). I use the word ‘interesting’ to describe the view, as you see the amount, and what, comes out of your colon. Three treatments are recommended as each will clean farther up (remember you have 6’ in there). I’ve had three treatments in two weeks and have become a true believer in this system and its many health benefits. You can find a lot of great info out there on hydro colon therapy.

Coupled with my daily probiotic (for intestinal health) and improved diet, Colon Pow has given me a squeaky clean start to the New Year. The system at Desert Colon Hydrotherapy is painless and private, so give it a try. Cowboy up and take care of yourself. If you don’t, who will?

P.S. For all you 21st century warriors, you can text and use your cell phone while driving this one!

For more information, contact Desert Colon Hydrotherapy at 760.501.6622

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