Colon hydrotherapy may aid a sluggish colon during detox.

Colon hydrotherapy may aid a sluggish colon during detox.

With the New Year upon us, we make our yearly resolution to shed excess weight, get a handle on our sugar intake and curb unhealthy cravings. Looking for a fast solution, most are drawn to the “quick fix” programs that are pervasive throughout the internet. The countless choices are overwhelming.

The popular choice is often a ten-day cleanse involving herbal supplements and fasting, providing an obtainable goal to get clean and healthy. So long as the cleanse is followed to the letter, you are promised quick and sustained results.

However, by day three many are left feeling worse than ever. As the cleanse progresses, flu-like nausea, headaches and overall malaise saps the will to remain committed. At the time these symptoms may seem innocuous, but what is often missed in the literature attached to these cleanses is that these feelings can signal an unhealthy process. This process called “auto intoxication” is when your body cannot keep pace with the toxins being released and consequently is reabsorbing them into your system. This condition is further exacerbated and often caused by a sluggish colon.

Incorporating colon hydrotherapy into a cleanse prevents “auto intoxication,”improving and extending the results of the detoxifying process. Colon hydrotherapy sessions use water to clear the colon of residual and toxic matter not passed through regular movement. Up to 90% of your immune system resides in your colon, so this process triggers not only the release of toxins in the local area but other vital organs such as the liver, gallbladder, lymphatic system and blood.

Safety should always be considered when choosing a location for treatment. An FDA listed class 2 medical HydroSans Plus Machine is the top choice among certified colon hydrotherapists. It’s recommended that you ensure your therapist uses all disposable, one-use only supplies. Certified therapists should be assisting your therapy at all times and access to a private bathroom is also a preferred factor.

While a single session is incredibly beneficial to one’s overall health, it is by no means a “quick-fix.” To achieve sustainable detoxification at the cellular level, a series of monthly sessions is often recommended. Licensed and certified natural health care practitioners can create a therapy structure that not only includes colon hydrotherapy but custom combinations of supplements, nutrition plans and exercise that suit your individual lifestyle and health goals.

As with any procedure, ask questions and get informed. By making smart choices about your wellness, you are sure to enjoy many happy and healthy new years to come.

Deborah McMahon is a registered nurse and founder of A Healthier You in Palm Desert (760) 360.8877.

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