Humana Challenge

Golf fans take a break to burn calories for a smoothie reward

In late 2011, Desert Classic Charities, the PGA TOUR, Humana and the William J. Clinton Foundation announced their collaborative plan to present a re-invigorated golf tournament to succeed the iconic Bob Hope Classic.

The new tournament had an expanded focus beyond world-class golf, and served as a strategic platform to establish and communicate new initiatives in health and well-being for residents of the Coachella Valley and beyond. Everyone involved – from internationally acclaimed golf pros, amateurs and celebrities, to volunteers, spectators and millions of viewers around the world – was challenged to take an active role in their own personal health and well-being.

In its first year, the Humana Challenge exceeded many of its goals and was named “Sports Event of the Year” by respected industry publications Sports Business Journal and Sports Business Daily. The new vision and supporting activities were a rousing success in terms of enhancing the event’s profile and participation, as well as activating healthy habits. Humana CEO Mike McCallister called it “A week of well-being with a side of golf.”

Early in the tournament week the Clinton Foundation hosted its hugely successful Health Matters conference, bringing together national, regional and local community leaders to identify strategies for promoting and improving individual health. The event, sponsored at the highest level by Desert Regional Medical Center, gained considerable national attention and set the stage for a wide range of local initiatives including promoting healthier meals in our schools and the construction of wellness parks which are vigorously moving forward.

Looking ahead to the 2013 tournament, President Bill Clinton and an impressive lineup of celebrities and pros will again be on hand for some great PGA TOUR golf and to promote vibrant well-being. Desert Health® will return to Bob Hope Square with a “Showcase of Local Health & Wellness” and everyone is encouraged to come out for the many activities planned.

The festivities kick off with the Humana Wellness Walk & Healthy Fun Fair in La Quinta (Sat., Jan. 12); Humana Day at the Certified Farmer’s Market in La Quinta (Sun., Jan. 13); Couples Challenge Pro-Am (Mon., Jan. 14); and the Bob Hope Legacy Pro-Am (Wed., Jan. 16).

The Humana Challenge Pro-Am play begins on Thursday, Jan. 17 and the Clinton Foundation will host the 2nd Annual Health Matters Conference on Tuesday, Jan. 15.

Don’t miss any of the action in January! Tickets and badges are now on sale with special advanced ticket prices through November. For tickets and more information, visit or call 888-672-4673.

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