Homeopathic medicines are excellent natural remedies to keep stocked for cold and flu season. Homeopathy is a safe, effective, and innocuous system of medicine that, in most cases, can be given with little to no interference with other pharmaceutical medications; the large majority can also be given to children of most ages.

The following homeopathic remedies are the top 5 remedies to keep on hand that cover typical cold and flu symptoms for children – and adults. They are best given at the first signs of symptoms and can be continually given until symptoms resolve.

ACONITUM. Common cold symptoms for this remedy are post nasal drip, sneezing, clear or watery nasal discharge, sore or burning throat, headache, dry eyes, and possible ear pain. This remedy is most useful during the first 24 hours of a cold and possibly after being exposed to dry, cold weather. The child will experience a dry, hoarse, croupy cough, especially worse at night or after falling asleep. The child has a dry mouth and some difficulty breathing but cannot cough up sputum. The cough is worse from being cold, drinking cold water, and lying on his or her side.

ALLIUM CEPA. Symptoms of this remedy are for colds or allergies when the child has profuse, watery, burning nasal discharge which is made worse in a warm room and frequent sneezing. The nasal discharge will eventually cause burning nostrils and pain when wiping the nose. The child may have reddened, watery eyes and will want to rub his eyes for relief. There also may be a congestive headache in the front part of head or forehead.

BELLADONNA. This is an appropriate remedy to keep on hand for sudden hot, high fevers that come on rapidly. It can be used to help bring down high fevers. The child may also have a red face, hot skin, and become extremely sensitive to light and movement. Other symptoms might include a very red sore throat, a pounding headache, and cough. The child may experience alternating chills and heat.

EUPATORIUM. This remedy is helpful for severe aching deep in the bones that make the child feel sore all over his or her body. The child will feel extremely exhausted, ache, have a painful cough, and pain in the eyeballs. The child may specifically ask for cold water to drink. He or she will also have a fever that may turn to chills.

OSCILLOCOCCINUM. This is a great remedy for prevention and early treatment of flu. It can be used when there is exposure to flu and to prevent flu when others are ill in the home. If no other remedies appear to treat the symptoms and the person has a viral flu, this is always a great remedy to try.

Homeopathic remedies are not intended to replace necessary medical interventions; however, when used appropriately, they can mitigate symptoms, ease discomfort, and limit the severity of cold and flu symptoms. They can be dosed every few hours until symptoms subside. It is highly recommended to keep remedies on hand to treat uncomfortable cold and flu symptoms in children, especially during those difficult, long nights when children have trouble sleeping and coping with their cold and flu discomfort.

Dr. Shannon Sinsheimer is state licensed naturopathic doctor with a focus on fertility, family wellness, and pre-conception health. She can be reached at Optimal Health Center (760) 568.2598.

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