As we discussed in the January/February issue of Desert Health, the approach of accepting ourselves as multi-parted beings (mind/soul, body, spirit and ego) brings up a more significant meaning to our lives, but also to the process of healing, our health and sense of harmony. We will only find happiness and wholesomeness in our achievement of evolving to true inner balance.

No doubt, we have the best doctors, medical technology, and most advanced medicine than ever before. But can this high standard of medical care alone truly reduce our inner distraction and increase our level of well-being? In our modern world, we focus mainly on treating a sick body or a depressed mind instead of investing more time and effort in holistic prevention; and we are not serious enough about finding a root cause inside of ourselves. We often claim the sickness itself to be the reason, as if disease has the power to arise accidentally. This is false, and our desire to totally control the condition through scientific explanation can leave us missing the deeper message if we do not also search for the cause within our mind and soul.

When faced with disease, it can be difficult to consider that to this point, we may have refused to fully accept the responsibility for our personal health, healing, and inner well-being on all levels. Yet any uncomfortable situation we experience has the purpose of forcing us to slow down, observe our mindset, and find its root cause; or to show that we have misused our power of imagination, thought, and belief. 

With our mind, we have the opportunity and volition to either choose a positive pathway within us or to follow the negative voice of our ego.  Unfortunately, we even take action to try and protect ourselves on the outside from our own inner anxieties. Wouldn’t it make more sense to directly and continuously dissolve and let go of our anxieties within? We should also never forget that if we have the power to cause our distractions, we can at any time consciously use this same neutral force to dissolve and evolve greatness and well-being inside again.

To achieve advanced healing and steadfast health, we must consider all available to us: the use of modern medical technology and care, naturopathy, the quest for a deeper cause and message, along with our readiness and willingness to develop a more profound communion with our inner spirit. 

How can we do this? By slowing down, reducing our absorption of exciting information, and detoxing digitally. Instead, we can focus on living in the moment by taking time in stillness, reflecting on our thoughts, emotions, and their source, and by finding things that draw our attention with a sense of childlike curiosity and enthusiasm. 

Furthermore, we can let go of all the useless and adverse thought patterns that stem from past experience and spend more time enjoying the vastness and calming impressions of nature. It is in balance of body and mind, and the communion with our true identity within, that we find warmth, safety, and absolute comfort that lead to healing, health, and harmony.

Jens (“Yenz”) Christian Springmann is the founder of Satisfied Being Meditation & Mindfulness studio in Rancho Mirage and can be reached at (760) 636.0557. For more information visit

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