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Many know reflexology as a foot and hand therapy. The concept is that each area of your feet and hands corresponds to a region and/or organ in your body. Thus, applying pressure in these areas can provide natural benefits for specific health concerns.

Footloose Reflexology offers a $40 special (to Desert Health[sup]®[/sup] readers), on their standard $50 service. However, what many don’t know is that Footloose’s standard service includes a one-hour, full- body experience, from head literally to toe, using acupressure, reflexology and massage to invigorate and treat the entire body.

“Reflexology is commonly known as ‘zone therapy,’ and one of the main objectives is to relieve tension while increasing circulation throughout the entire body,” says owner Margaret Lai. “That is why we provide the full-body experience, to maximize the benefits of circulation flow from head to toe.”

Footloose makes the experience very comfortable with its large, open space. Upon arrival you are asked about any areas of concern and the amount of pressure you desire (soft, medium or firm). You are then placed in a plush, oversized recliner with your feet soaking in a warm, rose-scented bath (like a pedicure). An eye pillow is offered and soft classical music fills the room. While you soak, your practitioner works on your upper body, massaging your head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. Next, your chair reclines and your legs are extended for your foot reflexology session. Your legs are also massaged with a variety of invigorating motions.
At this point you are completely relaxed, but it doesn’t end there. Your chair then fully extends and you flip over for a complete posterior treatment. Similar to a massage table, the recliner has a hole for your face and is completely comfortable. My practitioner knew exactly where I needed extra work and the pressure was perfect.

Footloose is celebrating its second year in the Desert offering quality, affordable massage therapy by trained professionals. “We are grateful for our success and the fact that we are able to offer affordable stress and fatigue relief for so many people,” adds Lai. Margaret’s husband is Dr. Albert Lai of Desert Pain & Rehabilitation Associates in Rancho Mirage. Footloose started as a physician referral business until it grew and moved to its current location near Clark’s Nutrition. A second Desert location is in the works.

I got up from my treatment with that wonderful fuzzy head feeling, and within a few minutes I felt invigorated and lighter. My blood was flowing and I could feel it!

As I left, two friends of mine, Carol & Kym, were on their way in. “Oh yes! We come at least once a month.” For $40, Footloose is a good habit to have. Bring a friend and you get two for $75. They also have a frequent-client program offering a half- priced service with each 10 paid. Give Footloose a try…your body will be grateful!

Footloose Reflexology is located in the Clark’s Nutrition shopping center on the corner of Dinah Shore and Monterey in Rancho Mirage. Walk-ins are accepted but appointments are recommended by calling 760-770-6700.

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