Acne is dramatically reduced after ten weeks of treatment. (Photo by Envy Medical, Inc; results may vary)

When a new service joins Desert Health®, I like to know as much about it as I can – to educate myself and to better inform readers. Such is the case with SilkPeel Dermalinfusion. I hadn’t heard of the treatment which Studio Facials owner Kris Kabris called “all the rage in LA,” so I went to work researching its efficacy.

It appears that many celebrities do indeed turn to SilkPeel to achieve that “flawless look.” Not only are they treating their face, but also different parts of the body including the décolleté, neck, hands, and feet. Local plastic surgeon Andrew Ordon, MD, stated on The Doctors that it is the new trend, “It used to be all about the face, and now, they want everything to match.”

What sets this treatment apart from others?

The SilkPeel combines three treatments in one to exfoliate, extract and infuse skin with beneficial serums to treat a variety of skin conditions. “It’s non-invasive, takes only 30 minutes and has no downtime,” says Kabris, “So you can use it prior to a big event or simply on your lunch break.”

Like microdermabrasion, SilkPeel is a skin resurfacing treatment, but with added benefits. First, instead of spraying particles at the skin or scraping with a more abrasive crystal tip, SilkPeel uses a diamond-tipped wand to softly resurface and polish the skin while at the same time using suction to remove dead skin cells. Simultaneously, healthy serums for specific skin conditions such as sun damage, acne or fine lines are delivered into the skin via the wand right after exfoliation when the newly surfaced skin is most receptive. After the treatment, you can immediately apply makeup. 

What skin conditions does SilkPeel treat?

Like other treatments, SilkPeel stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes collagen production, which promotes younger-looking skin. However, the therapy is also designed to help problem skin conditions through the different serums added.  The vitamin C solution helps sun-damaged skin and is used as a skin brightener for hyperpigmentation. For acne, the skin is infused with two healing agents: salicylic acid which dissolves pore plugs and bisabolol, an agent extracted from chamomile which works to calm inflammation and condition the skin. For dark spots, the active ingredient is lumixyl peptide, and for dehydrated skin, hyaluronic acid, which is produced in the body naturally.

“If a client has multiple problem spots, say acne in some areas and dryness in another, I can mix it up to apply the individual serums where they are needed,” says Kabris adding that the wand tips can also be changed for different body parts. She has successfully used it in the breast and belly areas for post-pregnancy stretch marks
as well.

How many treatments are required to see improvement?

“You’ll see improvement with the first treatment as your face will appear plumper,” says Kabris. “And you’ll continue to see improvement for days later as the serum continues to work under your skin.” The company recommends a series of four to six treatments scheduled every other week and then maintenance once a month in place of a standard facial. Problem skin conditions may take longer. “With acne, swelling and redness will be reduced immediately. I have some clients who see very noticeable improvement with just one treatment, and then significant improvement after four to six sessions.”

Are there any adverse side effects?

According to numerous websites, serious side effects don’t seem to be a major concern. Skin irritation and redness from the exfoliation process and some reactions to the serums were noted.

I enjoyed my treatment with Kris and the plump and polished look that followed. She recommended the vitamin C for anti-aging and kindly reminded me to wear sunscreen daily. She also used the hydrating serum on my lips and around the eyes. I was in and out within an hour and on with my day. For me, results were indeed immediate and visible for days.

For more information, contact Kris Kabris at Studio Facials (760) 636.3555.

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  • Will your skin become more sensitive to the sun as with skin peels?

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for your comment! I will check with the professionals and get back to you.


    • This treatment has no downtime. You can get a treatment and go out to dinner or other events. After the treatment, I put on facial products including sunscreen and you’re ready to go! No downtime like a chemical peel.

  • Kris is awesome! My results after the first treatment were so amazing…I had people tell me I was glowing! No down time and immediately looked more hydrated and reduced the appearance of lines. Definitely continuing my treatments.

  • I have purchase the cream for the face. I love it. Do you have any soaps also that I could purchase/ where can I see all your creams on in internet? Lea

    • I have a variety of cleansers and other skincare products. Depends on your skin type and what your skin is needing. You can make an appointment for a free consultation with me and we can decide what would be best for you.


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