Your regular skin care system may not be the best year-round regime. However, shifting your beauty routine in accordance with the season is something few of us stop to consider.

Just as you switch up your wardrobe in concert with the seasons, you should also be rotating your skin care products to protect your complexion against climate variables…extreme heat, cold and humidity…even the harshness of high wind. The environmental/geographical conditions in which you live, as well as the daily stress you endure, can impact the way your skin behaves and responds! So paying attention to the seasonal climate changes will affect what skin care treatments you need and any regimen adjustments.

Did you know that our eating habits also change with the seasons? That’s likely due to the seasonal harvesting patterns of all things fresh, fruity and green! Given we all agree, what you ingest directly affects the health of your skin.

You now have multiple reasons to change your regimen with the seasons!

Generally, you’ll find your complexion tends to be oilier in the summer and drier in the winter, meaning the same moisturizer used year round won’t suffice. Use the seasonal change in your area as an indicator to start transitioning your products. Following are a few healthy skin tips to guide you as the seasons change:

  • It’s time to get that dry skin exfoliated from the winter months so moisturizers are better absorbed into the skin. To help in the exfoliation process, look for products that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids.
  • Look for products containing hyaluronic acid. This is a powerful humectant (moisture-binding ingredient that holds moisture in the skin) which keeps the skin plump and hydrated and, yes, young-looking. This is critical and desirable in drier climates.
  • Retinoid-based products are also important when it comes to seasonal changes. This covers all of your dermal needs: UV protection; smoother, firmer skin; a more even tone; fewer breakouts and tighter pores.

And always remember to drink lots of water ALL year round! Yes, it will ultimately show up on your skin.

Michele McDonough is a strategic consultant and executive recruiter in the field of health and beauty. She is also co-founder of Women’s Power Circle and can be reached at [email protected].

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