Thai massage provides unique and profound benefits

Thai massage provides unique and profound benefits

If you’ve been receiving regular massage or body work then you already understand the benefit of taking care of your muscular and skeletal pains with therapeutic bodywork. Most people choose a Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage for these purposes. Thai massage is an often overlooked or misunderstood treatment that provides unique and profound benefits.

Thai massage is said to be over 2000 years old and is sometimes referred to as ‘the lazy person’s yoga.’ In Thai massage, the therapist will use a series of carefully choreographed stretches, acupressure and reflexology points and exercise movement to activate the body’s meridian system, relieve muscle tension and restore well-being. In Chinese medicine, the body’s meridian system is a network of lines and channels that link the body together. When the system is in its optimal state the Qi – or energy – is said to be balanced. Thai massage, along with Shiatsu and other modalities, is designed to move the Qi and restore balance and energy to every part of the body.

A good Thai massage therapist will “read the body” and focus efforts on moving Qi, soothing areas of tightness, releasing muscles and bringing the client into a more  relaxed state.

Thai massage is a wonderful treatment for individuals who do not wish to disrobe for a massage as it can be completed in loose and/or athletic clothing. Traditional practice is done on the floor on a thick square mat, but a good therapist will modify treatment for clients who prefer to be on a massage table.

Because of its efficacy, the stretches and movements in Thai massage are the foundation for many new stretching-related treatments now popular with athletic trainers and body workers. Fascia stretching, myofascial release, sports massage and Shiatsu are each, to some degree, similar to the work done in Thai massage.

Not only is Thai massage a great way to ease your way into massage, it can be a great supplemental therapy for a person who receives regular massage treatments.

Whether you are a massage enthusiast or new to the modality, once you receive a high-quality Thai massage from an experienced therapist, you will appreciate the power of this ancient healing art.

Somatherapy Institute offers classes that teach Thai massage to experienced therapist and athletic trainers. Their student clinic occasionally offers specialty Thai massage clinics to give the students relevant practice and refine their skills. For more information contact (760) 321.9214 or visit

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