GeorgedogIt is a privilege of advancing years to reflect on the memories of experiences to harvest insights that slowly deepen wisdom.

Some of the wisdoms I know to be true are that animals are a rich part of our human lives. The study of that connection creates a growing fascination with the wonders of the evolution of nature in our universe. Another wisdom that comes with age is that both joy and pain influence our perception of feelings in a direct relationship to one another. The process stimulates emotions and thoughts.

Our departed dog, Kayla, was a happy creature. She learned fast and always wanted to please. Her love was limitless. Our mutual attachment was complete. She was a part of our lives and we were the center of her existence.

Why does this fusion occur – selectively between humans and animals?

My conclusion is that science can measure the vibration of the universe, our planet and all on our planet. The measure is frequencies; the result is energy. When vibrations (frequencies) match, the harmony of affinity (love, attachment) is created in shared brain structures. The higher a species has advanced on the ladder of evolution, the deeper the effect of vibrational frequencies. Why is it that humans are emotionally attracted to animals and them to us as individuals? We are beginning to learn that our senses, and those of animals, are the result of harmonious or dissonant vibrational frequencies – aside from, or in addition to, hormonal factors. The contact develops first from feelings to emotions.

I detest the expression, “It’s only a dog, cat or horse…” A vivid life is not the domain of humans alone. Animals have emotions and memories, and plants have feelings which we humans do not have the capacity to fully comprehend. Some examples are wolves, whales, dolphins and others. Elephants have been observed to visit the graves of departed family members. We should all be in awe of the magical power of nature.

Kayla’s life and that of our other dogs before her are our examples. Kayla knew us before we realized she did without verbal communication, just an innate sense to absorb our emotions through observation and memory.

She taught us so much on our journey of learning and will forever be dearly missed.

“Ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall teach thee: Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare onto thee.” – Job 12:7-8, King James Version

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