Palm Springs Councilmember Paul Lewin, La Quinta Councilmember Linda Evans, and Indio Councilmember Glen Miller make a formal city vs. city challenge

Palm Springs Councilmember Paul Lewin, La Quinta Councilmember Linda Evans, and Indio Councilmember Glen Miller make a formal city vs. city challenge

The Coachella Valley Health Collaborative (CVHC) kicks off its 2014 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge March 1 with an upgraded app, and new City vs. City challenges already in place. Groups and individuals are encouraged to sign up at any time!

In an effort to increase the ease of use, this year’s challenge will utilize Wellable, a mobile wellness company that enables groups and organizations to promote wellness through an engaged mobile app experience. Wellable also interfaces with other popular mobile apps such as RunKeeper, Fitbit, Foursquare and Moves to track physical activity and award “Wellable Points.”

Nearly 2,000 Coachella Valley residents participated in the 2013 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, recording more than 200 million steps (or 102,000 miles). Participants included 125 organizations such as valley cities and companies who competed for internal prizes, as well as the CVHC’s “Best of the Best” award. A nominated panel considers all programs submitted for this special award and elects the most successful campaign based on meeting objectives and producing results. “Best of the Best” will once again be presented in October 2014.

The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is a community call-to-action developed to help improve the health of Coachella Valley residents by promoting physical fitness and exercise. Participants can challenge friends and colleagues by walking, running, swimming, hiking, biking and even shopping. It all counts toward the final goal. Challengers can track their progress online or via a mobile app and receive weekly motivating reminders and health tips.

Let the Games Begin!

At the January kick-off breakfast hosted by Eisenhower Medical Center, many groups came forward to challenge one another. A city challenge among La Quinta, Indio and Palm Springs was created (and residents of those cities are encouraged to join their hometown team!). A hospital challenge among Eisenhower Medical Center, Desert Regional Medical Center, and JFK Memorial Hospital was put in place (so if you work there, jump on board!). A school district challenge between Desert Sands Unified and Palm Springs Unified was followed by a university challenge between Cal State San Bernardino’s Palm Desert Campus and the University of California Riverside Palm Desert Center.

“I look forward to the residents of the city of Indio once again competing with community members from La Quinta and Palm Springs,” said Indio Council member Glenn Miller. “This friendly competition is a wonderful way to encourage people to exercise and develop healthy eating habits improving overall health and well-being.”

Whether you are an HR manager, a group leader, a family member or an individual motivated to improve your health, all Coachella Valley residents are encouraged to join a challenge – or create one – and participate in this free program. 

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For more information about the Coachella Valley Health Collaborative, contact Gary Jeandron, project director, at [email protected] or call (760) 341.2883, ext. 78163 or visit the CVHC’s website at

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