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Mari Serrano and Monica Carranza are the first recipients of ElderCaring’s educational scholarships.

ElderCaring of Coachella Valley established an annual scholarship program to reward its top caregivers with funds to advance their education in the health and medical field.

The scholarship’s first recipients are Monica Carranza of Coachella and Mari Serrano of Thermal. Both caregivers have excelled in client services and have been honored with awards of recognition from ElderCaring in the past.

“Both Monica and Mari go above and beyond in the care of their clients,” states owner Barrett Betschart. “We are honored to provide them with funds to advance their education and careers.”

Ms. Carranza plans to use her scholarship to finish her qualifications as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. “Because of my family and schedule, attending schooling is difficult. The funding will allow me to work with a qualified individual around my schedule to help prepare me for the final tests.”

Ms. Serrano, who has been taking continuing education classes at COD off and on since 2003, plans to transfer into the Physical Therapy Assistant program at Loma Linda.

Several organizations have come together to help fund the scholarships. Local golf professional, Patty Curtiss, whose organization Golf Rehab helps people get back to the game they love, has agreed to donate all proceeds from her Saturday golf clients during May. The funds raised will be matched by ElderCaring. The clinics are open to the public at an affordable $10 each, with only 10 spots per day available. Each clinic lasts an hour and focuses on different parts of the game including putting, working around the green, and power and distance. Golfers of all ages and skills are encouraged to register.

Golf Rehab and ElderCaring are a prime example of local organizations working together for the betterment of our community and its members. “We raised $2000 for scholarships in our first year and hope to double that in 2012,” states Betschart. “The care of our clients is our number one priority and it feels good to honor our top caregivers and pay it forward.”

Fundraising clinics take place Saturdays at College of the Desert during the month of May and are $10 each. For more information or to register visit www.pattycurtissgolfrehab.com or call 760-578-6401.

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