Performing to a song he wrote and sang helped Palm Springs resident J. Scott Driscoll bring home the gold from the Gay Games 9.

In 2011 after eight years off the ice, professional figure skater and US Open Champion, J. Scott Driscoll walked into the newly opened Desert Ice Castle in Cathedral City and took a deep breath. He could see kids of all ages falling, laughing and attempting the challenging sport that saved his life so many years ago, and he knew it was time. He rushed to his storage space, found his old skates, and took to the ice once again.

It wasn’t long before Scott made a promise to himself to fulfill another dream, to skate in the Gay Games. He first had that thought 25 years ago and this August – at 53 years old – competed in the Platinum 35+ division and brought home the gold.

But that wasn’t all. Scott performed his routine to a song he wrote, sang and recorded. Created from a folder full of thoughts and melodies collected over the past 10 years, the song describes a young boy bullied for being different who found solace on the ice where he could hide from the world and find peace. It is entitled Your Love Matters.

20140816_202813“What an incredible experience this has been,” said Scott. “Great fortune and good friends brought me to Nashville to record this song with Grammy nominated composer, Rick Chudacoff, who helped me bring a lifetime of emotion, memories and celebration together.” The song was recorded specifically for Scott’s performance at the Games and helped him bring home top honors.

“There was not a dry eye in the place,” said friend Doug Graham of Cathedral City who received a silver medal in the body building competition at the Games.

The performance begins with Scott speaking of his childhood before the music plays and he gracefully steps into his impeccably executed skating routine. He recorded the song in May, which gave him only a couple of months to create and practice the routine, but the entire performance was a lifetime in the making.

bright“Skating saved my life, and I am so happy to be back teaching young kids,” he adds. “I hope to be able to now share my song, the message, and my medal with other young people who may be experiencing what I went through. It doesn’t define you, and you should never let anything or anyone hold you back.”

J. Scott Driscoll is a skating instructor at Desert Ice Castle in Cathedral City. He is available to share his experience and speak to youth and adult organizations and can be reached at (602) 670.2989. View Scott’s full performance below:

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