Lauren-yoga-1Don’t you love setting goals? Goals give you purpose, and purpose enriches your life.

On my list of “things to do at 40” (which I still carry with me), is ‘practice yoga on a regular basis.’ I had practiced it off and on over the past 20 years and knew that yoga always made me feel better. So I set it as a goal for my upcoming birthday…and then checked it off eight years later.

But now yoga is a priority for me, and I am reaping the many rewards inside and out. It was enlightening to speak with others on how the practice has enriched their lives. Many of their answers resonate with me, and I encourage everyone to make time for yoga.

Then there are the really big goals, like becoming a doctor, and we are proud to feature the Valley’s inaugural class of medical residents in this issue. It is inspiring to hear their reasons for choosing their profession. Many practicing doctors will read this and say ‘yes, that was me,’ however, this group seems to be well aware of the significant changes in health care and the challenges they face.

Today’s new doctors truly need to have passion for their purpose. It won’t be easy and probably not as profitable as it was for their predecessors. We salute them and hope they choose to remain in our community and to help fill our need for primary care physicians.

With season quickly approaching, let’s all set some new goals. Think of something that will enhance your life – maybe starting your own yoga practice or going back to school. Maybe something that has been on your list for a very long time. No need to wait eight years. Embrace it today and make it happen. As Woody Allen famously stated, “Seventy percent of success in life is simply showing up.”

Here’s to reaching your goals!

Lauren Del Sarto

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