When considering factors that contribute to improving the properties of skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, acne and acne scar reduction, smaller pores and generally fighting the effects of aging and gravity, one of the newest, most innovative treatments is the introduction of growth factor technology.

A growth factor is a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth, proliferation, healing, and cellular differentiation. Usually it is a protein or a steroid hormone. Growth factor for skin is already produced by human skin. Facial rejuvenation techniques such as micro-needling and radiofrequency purposefully injure the collagen of skin in a controlled environment. Fibroblasts producing new growth factors activate cellular proliferation and differentiation – in other words, cell repair. Adding an application of an overabundance of naturally produced, concentrated skin growth factors helps to boost the healing process, naturally.

Growth factors are all about skin and tissue repair, as they are proteins that help the healing process of skin. Added growth factors injected into skin during the micro-needling process and other treatments supplement the skin to repair signs of aging and encourage healing after clinical skin resurfacing procedures. Growth factors also calm inflammation and irritation caused by many skin treatments.

Here are some things to consider about growth factors:

  1. The benefit of growth factors is that they have the ability to turn essential cellular activities “on” and “off.” They play a role in increasing cell functions, which include cell division, blood vessel formation, and collagen and elastin production. The application of growth factor technology to skincare is using nature’s processes to help achieve a more youthful and vibrant look.
  2. The best source of growth factor for skin is fibroblast cells. This finding has been supported by numerous scientific publications; they are considered the key cells in wound healing.
  3. One would be hard pressed to find a scientific publication supporting the claim that stem cells produce growth factors beneficial to the skin.
  4. Plants produce growth factors, but plant growth factors do not work on human skin.

There is a large variety of mechanical and light-bearing technology to effectively enhance facial rejuvenation. Adding growth factor technology can assist in maximizing nature’s healing process during cosmetic procedures and skin rejuvenation.

Paul Malkin is the corporate manager of the Vein Institute of the Desert. For more information visit www.VeinInstituteOfTheDesert.com or call (760) 610.5573.

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