Health care stress is rampant― affecting its providers (employees and the organizations) and customers (patients and their families) alike. “Most stress in life is unnecessary, though some of it is inevitable,” says Kiran Dintyala, MD, MPH, a board certified internal medicine physician with Eisenhower Medical Center. “There are simple things that one can learn to prevent stress and handle life’s challenges gracefully.”

As a physician, Dr. Kiran (as he is commonly called) not only provides compassionate care for his patients, but also strives to promote wellness of fellow health professionals. Through Dr. Kiran’s Stress Free Revolution, he offers blogs, books, and seminars such as the one he recently conducted with nurse leaders at Eisenhower. The initiative came from within the nursing division with the goal of teaching nurse leaders stress reduction principles, exercises and techniques they can utilize and share with their teams.

With approximately 35 people in attendance, the two-day seminar covered topics such as “creating an unshakable foundation for stress-free living” and “making peace of mind your default setting.” When it comes to stress in the workplace, Dr. Kiran has a common phrase he shares with fellow health professionals: “Every day, you save so many lives. Don’t forget to save your own!”

“You are such an inspiration and our patients need to hear you present about how to manage their stress,” said attendee Marielena Cid, RN, CDE, BSN, PHN, Program Manager, Eisenhower’s Diabetes Program. “I took so many key points that I will be able to use with my staff and our patients.”

One attendee had a lightbulb moment when he heard Dr. Kiran’s message on ‘how to overcome insecurity and fear.’ He expressed that he was able to overcome his limiting perspective on a specific challenge with which he had struggled for years, to successfully leave the fear behind, and to take a new direction in his life.

A non-participant who walked into the room casually felt the “positive vibration” so palpable that instantaneously he felt calm and relaxed; it was quite different from any other conference he had attended.

“Success stories like these are pretty awesome and inspire me to do more of this work,” says Dr. Kiran. All but two attendees gave the program a 10 out of 10 (the others gave 9s).

“My mission is to help organizations and communities to become stress-free,” he adds. “We can create them; it’s just a matter of following the right principles and the right systems. The more individuals, organizations and communities that embrace this concept, the better it is for our collective humanity, for all of us. Together we can elevate the emotional well-being and alleviate much of the suffering on the surface of this globe.”

Desert Health® commends Eisenhower Medical Center for offering this program to their nurse leaders and for practicing wellness in the workplace.

For more information and resources on workplace wellness programs, see our front page Health is a Choice feature. For more information on Dr. Kiran, visit

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