Science has always chased the answer to that lifelong question, “How can we live longer?”, and we may never be closer than we are today.  But is it actually living longer, or living additional years with good health and prosperity?

This issue features much of the science from forward thinking doctors on telomeres, rejuvenation biology, and stem cell therapy, but also a lot on ‘food as medicine’ from recipes to remedies for dry skin, earaches, hormones, and more. After all, even the science is now pointing to the basic truth that a leading factor to good health is what you put in your body.

Hopefully we are all practicing smarter nutrition these days and helping each other to realize how important – and easy – it can be. No need to wait until you or someone you love is suffering from a condition that could have been prevented with better choices.

As you’ll also read in this issue, I am having the “change your diet” discussions with my (Italian) father, and it is not always easy. But he is starting to listen, so hopefully his body will support his actions. In my eyes, he will always be forever young.

We will celebrate good health and more at the second annual Desert Health® Wellness Awards on May 18th and hope you will join us. We are thrilled to have international health crusader, William Davis, M.D., as our guest speaker, and many more festivities are planned.

So save the date and come have some fun with us!

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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  • Still a good looking guy but I had to smile at the handicapped sign in the background. Thanks for all you do to keep us going. Aunt Gloria

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      So nice of you to take the time to comment, Aunt Gloria (:
      Hope you all are well. At Dad’s now visiting for the week!



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