This October, our daughter, Erin, got married and we welcomed a new son-in-law, Jason, to the family. A year of ups and downs culminated in a more intimate affair, and in the end, it was simply magical. What didn’t change is at the heart of it all: family, celebration and love. 

As we enter the holidays, we all ponder plans to connect with loved ones and how celebrations will look this year. Whether it’s virtual or a variation of holidays past, being there for each other is what truly matters.

With this issue, our health and wellness community has come together for you. You’ll find many empowering articles on taking care of yourself and your loved ones during these extraordinary times. 

Thank you for reading, sharing, commenting and reaching out to ask questions on our website or social media. We’ll keep the conversations going, and the doctor or I will always get back to you. 

As we wrap up our 10th anniversary year, we are filled with gratitude and send you and your family wishes for a magical holiday season ~

Lauren Del Sarto
Lauren Del Sarto

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