The art and science of health diagnosis is performed by health care professionals who consider two main bodies of information. First, the health care professional is told the subjective symptoms by the patient. This includes the patient’s medical history, and the nature of the symptoms, such as discomfort, pain, and how well various body functions are (or are not) performing. The second source of information is objective testing when the health care professional examines the body directly or looks at the results of tests using technology like an MRI or blood chemistry analysis.

When the symptoms are not perfectly specific to a particular disease, or when the results of objective tests do not exactly match a particular health problem, it may be difficult for the patient to get a diagnosis that leads to effective and successful treatment. In these cases, patients seek diagnosis and treatment from many different health professionals and each expert may “hear” the body asking for something different. Patients seek treatment from different sources hoping the next remedy will be the one their body needs.

“Bio-communication” is a term that refers to a method of objective testing that can be used in conjunction with professional acupuncture practice.  Your body is already designed for intercellular communication that takes place all the time without you knowing it is happening. The acupuncture diagnosis and treatment process relies on developing an understanding of intercellular communication throughout the body.[sup]1[/sup] ZYTO™ bio-communication is a new technology that is used in professional acupuncture practice to provide additional objective information to assist with diagnosis and treatment.

Your body usually communicates with you by reacting to stressors like viruses, allergens, or pollution, with adverse symptoms like fatigue, discomfort or pain. This new technology introduces subtle, undetectable energetic impulses called virtual stimulus items (VSIs) through the skin of the hand while it is placed on a hand cradle device. The patient does not feel the application of the digital VSIs, but the body responds through intercellular communication, and these responses are measured by very subtle changes in electrical properties of the skin.[sup]2[/sup] The body’s response to the virtual stressors is processed by a computer system, which provides an objective test result to the acupuncture professional.[sup]2[/sup]

The acupuncture professional can utilize this additional information about the body’s reaction to virtual stressors and the flow of intracellular communication to assist in the patient’s diagnosis and treatment.

Kimberly Shipman, L.Ac. is the owner of Oasis Acupuncture in Palm Desert and offers ZYTO™ bio-communication. Kimberly graduated from the internationally renowned Samra University in Los Angeles with a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine and is a California State Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. Kimberly’s health care philosophy is to combine the best attributes of Eastern medicine with Western technology to provide a healthier, higher quality of life. Call 760.668.3174 or visit

References: (1) American Journal of Chinese Medicine (AJCM) 1989; 17(3-4) :119-22; (2) ZYTO ™ biotechnology technical bulletin 2011

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