Dizziness, light-headedness, vertigo and Imbalance are all symptoms of underlying medical issues.

Does it sometimes feel like the world is spinning around you? You’re not alone. Dizziness is a very common symptom, experienced by patients throughout the world. In fact, it is the third most common symptom reported to primary care physicians in the US, according to the National Institutes of Health. Due to a lack of understanding about symptoms and available treatment, dizziness is often incorrectly treated or ignored.

Is it vertigo, dizziness or imbalance?

Physicians and patients alike often do not understand the difference in these terms, which can prolong the work-up, and delay necessary treatment and relief for the patient. Stroke, heart problems, and hypoglycemia are very different conditions, yet may share similar symptoms of “dizziness.” It’s important that the terms “vertigo,” “light-headed,” and “imbalance” not be mistakenly used.

What’s the difference?

Vertigo: The whole-body sensation of uncontrollable spinning. Episodes of vertigo are usually disabling during their course.

Light-headedness: The feeling as if you are about to black-out or lose consciousness. There is no actual sensation of motion. This is common with blood pressure problems and hypoglycemia.

Imbalance: The inability to maintain balance; a feeling of disequilibrium. This is especially common among the elderly.

Of these descriptive terms, “vertigo” is usually the most disabling complaint. Vertigo is often caused by Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV). BPPV is due to loose calcium crystals in the balance canals of the inner ear. These tiny crystals are normally static (fixed), and are adherent to a gravity-detection organ in the ear. When they become loose, they move with gravity, causing a swirling motion of the fluid inside the inner ear.

Typically, a patient with BPPV will report that they have a violent spinning sensation that is provoked by head motion. It often occurs when rolling over in bed, looking up or down, or leaning back to have one’s hair washed at the beauty salon. The spinning sensation is violent, but brief, lasting no more than 15 seconds.

Fortunately BPPV is quite easy to treat if it is correctly identified by a physician or physical therapist. Get to the right physician first. An Otologist is a medical doctor (M.D.), with expertise in treatment of vertigo and disorders of the ear. Treatment is usually a series of gentle head and body movements that return the loose crystals to their proper place. Once this is done, the vertigo usually stops. Most patients with this condition are cured with only one treatment. BPPV is not treatable with any type of medication. BPPV is due to a mechanical dysfunction of the inner ear, and is treated by mechanical manipulation, not drugs.

Are there other types of “dizziness”?

Yes. Dizziness, light-headedness, vertigo and imbalance are all “symptoms” of underlying medical illness. It is extremely important that a qualified physician perform a complete medical evaluation. Not all physicians have expertise in treating “dizziness”, so be sure to ask if they specialize in treating disorders of the ear. An Otologist may recommend painless, non-invasive tests, including: hearing test, VAT and ENG, to assist in diagnosing the cause of the dizziness. These are tests that are used to check the function of the inner ears. Blood tests, CT or MRI scans or cardiology tests may also be ordered for certain dizzy symptoms.

In addition to BPPV, other common causes of “dizziness” include: Meniere’s disease, migraine variants, and presbystasis (age related dysfunction of the inner ear). As with any disease, curative treatment depends on making the proper diagnosis, and is different for each of these specific causes.

The good news is that most types of “dizziness” are treatable. Treatment may include dietary management, and occasionally medication or surgery. Many causes of “dizziness” are best treated with a specialized form of physical therapy called “Balance & Vestibular Therapy.”

Balance and vestibular therapy is rendered only by qualified physical therapist specialists who usually have many years of clinical experience and training. Therapy is one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist (not an aide) and usually 1-2x a week for several weeks. Exercises and techniques are dynamic and highly varied.

Advances in otology, as well as balance and vestibular therapy, enhance our ability to diagnose and treat all forms of dizziness. Working with the specialists in these fields will help eliminate dizziness, prevent falls, and restore one’s health and quality of life.

Dr. Kato is the founder of The Ear Institute in Palm Desert. Her top priority is improving the quality of life of her patients. Dr. Kato can be reached at: 760-565-3900.

Sources: Bhattacharyya N, Baugh RF, Orvidas L et al. (2008). “Clinical practice guideline: benign paroxysmal positional vertigo” (PDF). Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 139 (5 Suppl 4): S47–81.; Korres, S. G., & Balatsouras, D. G. (2004). Diagnostic, pathophysiologic, and therapeutic aspects of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, 139(5), 438-444.; Epley JM. The canalith repositioning procedure: For treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 1992 Sep;107(3):399-404.;Vestibular Disorder Association www.vestibular.org

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  • I found this information very significant specially for me. I am suffering from dizziness since oct 2011, all of a sudden my head start spinning I was not able to understand what is happening around me. I felt palpitation, I experience fast heartbeat at that time and shortness of breath too. Even after 1 and half year I am still suffering from the same situation. Now the situation is like that whenever I walk or work in the kitchen I start feeling dizzy. and whenever while standing position I left my body free I feel my body moves side to side and so much fullness in my head. For sure I am having so much pain in my back neck and shoulders. Because of my situation I am not able to work. Is any body can help me to find what actually problem is????

    • B. Maya Kato, MD

      Dear Rupinder,

      I would recommend that you take the following steps: see your primary care physician first. It is likely that you may need to see a Neurotologist (ENT physician specializing in disorders of the ear, hearing and balance disorders). You may have a vestibular condition, that can be successfully treated.

      • Muhammad akhtar

        Dear sir,
        since last 4 days when i am lying and want to stand i am feeling that my head is moving and even my room is moving. i feel these things first time. i am male
        37 year please guide me for some medical treatment.

        • Hi,i am also searching over the internet about spinning of my head.I felt same today.When i woke up in the morning i felt like my head is spinning and even all over the room is spinning.I am just 25 years old.Could you please suggest

    • Hi, I suffered from vertigo for a few months, until someone told me to eat eggs and liver (separately), which cured their vertigo.=== Within only a few days, I felt nearly 80 per cent better, and a few days after that, nearly cured. I have not had vertigo since, as we go out to eat for a liver dinner every few weeks. You can find some restaurants that still serve liver.===Good luck!!!

      • Hi, I am been having this problem despite consulting a doctor. Could you please suggest me what is the best to get rid of these dizziness. And could you tell me which “LIVER”?

    • Some times I go to sleep and my head just starts to spin and then I get up and fall left and right after a minute or two it stops

    • Hi just go back to the Allah’s rule and regulations, that is the only way to solve your condition. Forget about doctors.

    • I am dealing with sane condition rupinder

    • Dear sir,
      Since last 6 months my head spinning on it’s own. Without my control it’s moving in circular shape.Even though I went to several doctors..they made MRI and CT scan to me.Nothing is there in the report everything is normal.Please suggest me how to get rid of this problem

  • Hello Rupinder,
    The message iam sending does help.
    Hold your one side of nose with your finger and inhale and release it from the otherside and do same from the other way.do it for 10 to 15 minutes and do it three times a day.i think this will help you.take care.

    • syed abdullah shah

      sorry sis but i must say that your method of treatment for the head spining was wrong i by myself did it ten days reglarly as u said that hold the one side of your nose and inhale from the other way of nose and now exhale from the holded way i have done it but it is not benificial for my head spining do u have any other way to treat this kind of the diseas thanks.

      • I suffered a violent head spinning during the day when I stood up suddently from a sitting on the floor positon. I went to ER and got a full check up. I was alright but after that head spinning occurrence, I often experience dizziness at any time and any day. When that happens I use the bottom part of my hand that connect with my wrist to knock on my forehead a few times then on each sides of my head a few times. It helps a lot with the dizziness to the point that it stops. Try it, I found it works for me and I hope it works for you as well.

  • I all of a sudden felt dizzy first i was driving thought the back end of car was sliding sideways i stopped the car my head started spinning i got out of car i felt dizzy hard to walk thought i was going to fall i got to my bed feeling nauses cant lay my head back spinning worse if i keep my head up not so bad

    • Dear Nikki,

      You may have BPPV (benign positional vertigo), or another specific inner ear disorder. I recommend that you see a neurotologist to help you.

  • Three years ago I was diagnosed with Tinnitus, for the first time I knew what it was to be dizzy and lightheaded continuously, this condition lasted for over a year then it went away, now two months ago I was laying flat on my back on the bed I went to move on my side I had a violent episode I felt as if my body was inside a clothes dryer, lots of pressure in my head and neck along with uncontrollable dizziness; my head and body felt as if it was spinning a thousand miles per hour, also when I get up from a bed or chair I have a similar sensation but not as violent. I’m dizzy 24/7 ranging between 1 to 10 my dizziness is a 3 continuously the dizziness doubles or more in range when I lay down, sit, bend or turn my head. The Tinnitus has never subsided in fact at times the ringing gets louder. The doctors diagnosed me with BPPV or they believe as they said not to be certain of the cause for my condition, they ordered several test, cats scan, MRI and an ENG, all normal, also prescribed daily Vestibular Therapy, Monday through Friday for a month. When I do the technique’s with my therapist my blood pressure goes up and down my breathing changes and my skin becomes clammy. The doctor also prescribed Loratadine and Alprazolaman for medication. I’m not sure anything is working because it’s been two weeks of non stop episodes, good and bad day’s. Hoping to hear from someone that can give me some helpful hints on what to do. Thanks.

    • B. Maya Kato, MD

      Dear Walter,

      You may have labyrinthitis or another inner ear disorder. I’d recommend you see a neurotologist, if you have not done so yet.

  • 2 to 3 times i am getting giddiness during the last 20 days, like as If I am going to fall down and have to hold on some substance it lasts for 5 minutes, kinldy confirm

    • B. Maya Kato, MD

      Giddiness implies imbalance or lightheadedness. This may have many different causes. You should first have an evaluation by your primary care provider, to check heart rate, blood pressure, labwork, etc. Evaluation by an ENT physician may be recommended.

  • Dear Raveendran,

    I have been reading lots of material on line about Virdigo/dizziness, I was reading about a woman who claims she was cured by drinking lots of water along with different minerals such as Magnesium oxide, edible clay, plant ashes or powdered dolomite, Dead Sea salt and dirt. You need to go to a health store and see what you can find. You may also go to her page at “How I cured Virdigo”. I’m currently in the hospital because of dizziness but as soon as I get out of here I will try it out my self. Good luck.

  • Its been 1 yr i have been experiencing dizziness,lightheadedness,restlessness,as if i will collapse or faint n fall.Dizziness is like from inside i m swaying left right n my legs get weak.This is associated with nusea.All the sypmtoms are very mild but it is affecting quality of life, n scary.This happens mostly when i m standing n walking,I feel nuseatic when i rest.All sugar,BP ,n vit b12 have checked n its normal.Pls suggest whom to approach.How can this be treated n i can came back to normal life.Eagerly waitin for Doc guidance.

  • Hi, my problem is only when I then my head to the side, I feel as if I’m being literally turned upside down and spun around sideways, as if I were doing a rolly polly. It’s scary and makes me very nauseous, I can no longer sleep on my side and its hard bending down to get things etc. thanks

    • Hello Emily,
      Have you been able to be diagnosed? I’m having the same issue lately. I’m asleep, then turn over and have the feeling to be in the ocean on a huge wave. If I open my eyes at the same time, I see myself turning then the room turns, we’re not synchronized. Makes me very nauseous. Then the next day I have a hard time bending over, my head feels very dizzy. This is the 3rd time it happens to me this year.

  • B. Maya Kato, MD

    Hello Emily,

    This is almost definitely benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). The good news, is that this is a very curable condition. I recommend you find a practitioner (vestibular therapist or neurotologist) near you who can perform the Epley maneuver to correct your condition.

    • Hi Dr Kato. Kindly refer me to a hospital in Nigeria that have BPPV specialist. I am really suffering of this dizziness

    • Hello Dr. Kato,

      I’m having some weird feelings lately. I’m asleep, then turn over and have the feeling to be in the ocean on a huge wave. If I open my eyes at the same time, I see myself turning then the room turns, we’re not synchronized. Makes me very nauseous. Then the next day I have a hard time bending over, my head feels very dizzy. This is the 3rd time it happens to me this year.
      I’m in the US with no health insurance. What do you suggest?

      • Lauren Del Sarto

        Thank you for reading. As per Dr. Kato’s email above, it does sound like you have a curable medical condition and it is recommended that you see a practitioner. If you don’t have health insurance then you can seek a free medical clinic, or call ENT’s in your area and see what cash pricing is for appointments.

        See note above: Hello Emily,

        This is almost definitely benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). The good news, is that this is a very curable condition. I recommend you find a practitioner (vestibular therapist or neurotologist) near you who can perform the Epley maneuver to correct your condition.

        Best of luck ~
        Lauren Del Sarto

  • I had an episode similar to those discribed. My head felt spinning, everything around me felt spinning. Had continious vomiting too. This only lasted maybe 2-4 hours. Then it went away never to come back again for about 10 years. Yesterday it started (am now 45 years old) as I was exercing on the floor mat. About an hour later I vomited once. About 6 hours laters I vomited again. Then felt better. Next day I still had diziness and spinning, although not when I laid down looking up without moving my head. I took some pills and 2 days later feel 40% better but not optimal yet. Comments, Dr.?

  • Whenever I look down my head spins around. I pretend to fall! Its happening to me from the last 2 days… I don’t know whether it is BPPV or not… But how to cure this??

  • I feel dizzy for almost two yrs. Now its so scary bcoz its get worse and worse! my physician give me a tablet name cinnarizine its anti vertigo, but still my diziness was come and go and i cant even work. I go to an ear doctor but he said nothing so my physician requires an mri and ct scan but its so expensive plz. Help me! bcoz my body gets weak and weaker!thankz!

  • B. Maya Kato, MD

    Dear Era,

    Disabling vertigo can be caused by Meniere’s disease, vestibular dysfunction, or on rare occasions, brain tumors or strokes. You should ask your ENT physician for an audiogram and ENG test. These may be able to make a diagnosis without the more expensive radiologic studies.

    Maya Kato, MD

  • Three weeks before i fall down while driving,actually i was drunk. i got hurt on my head with minor scratches. next day i felt pain on right side of my head, i can’t open my mouth freely. and when i lay down on bed i felt head spinning. after few days my pain and wound were recovered, i doesn’t felt head spinning too. but after 3 weeks i my having continuous head spinning.
    plz can any one suggest me…

  • I had a head concussion a few months ago n had spinning as u would with a concussion over time i was my self again then out the blue while sleeping i went 2 roll over n my head started spinning n all that nite everytime i would roll over i would spin the back of my head was numb n tingly the rest of the day i was 100% the next day myself again then the 3rd n 4th day i would have spins while sleeping n would last most of my morning b4 im me again i can feel when im feeling vonerable 2 having the spins i feel a numbnesd in the back of my head witch happens 2 b the same spot i hit when i had my concussion could this just b what u speak of or can it b something else cause i had my fall at least 4 5 months ago long time now so plz help

    • Lauren Del Sarto, Publisher

      Candy – We strongly recommend that you see a doctor for these symptoms.

      Thank you,

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • My head pains or feels heavy many a times. As if somebody keeps putting pressure on it. i cant even tie a ponytail as my head feels heavy. i get the spins as said above once in a while like once or twice a month .When am reading or just talking, or doing common chores, whole world suddenly spins and i need to lie down for a minute or two to get back to normal.after taking deep breathes it feels heavy. head massages or even a slight press makes it heavy. all of the above said is consistent since many year. please help.

  • My head is spinning from four days. Even i can not stand on my feet. I been to physio but useless. Can u tell me how long will take to recover from this.

  • helloo……my head is spining from 2 days…i rememberd that 2 days earlier i ate one piece of alovera…..so plezz tell me what can i do now…. (thankuuu)

  • I had been feeling like my head is spinning. It comes and goes. Once a year and then it goes away. Recently i was in an accident and i had a minor head injury. When i got out of the hospital. When i would turn i would feel the spinning sensation and when i would bent down. It went away by its self. Its been 3 months now and it came back. My therapist said it was because I was lifting heavy weights and over doing my workout. I would also feel that i was going to black out while lifting weights. Is my therapist right? Or its my head injury? Im only 18.

  • Hi,

    I have been experiencing this spinning sensation of my head for two days now..feels like im going to black out or even trouble seeing whatever is infront of me..it keeps occurring very frequently..my BP is normal but not sure why I still have this problem..first time ever that I am feeling like this..please help..i need to know if its just dizziness or stress or anything serious?

  • Hi,
    I woke up this morning like normal, then when I stand up in my bed to fix my bed, all of a sudden, my head tilts to the left. I almost fell and busted my head. I thought I was gonna pass out. I went to the kitchen before I went to take a shower, because I thought I was going to pass out. Half way there, my head feels like it’s moving multiple ways on its own. I make it to the kitchen. I was thinking that I was having these symptoms due to lack of sugar. So I ate two Spoons of honey, two cups of water with a spoon full of sugar in each, and a banana. I took a shower and hit my head on the wall once due to my head hurting like it was going to the kitchen. After taking a shower, I went to lay down and it just kept hurting like it was. And yes it’s hurting as I’m typing this. Please give me your opinion or solution to what you think can help.

  • I have vestibular migraine. Diagnosed by a neurotologist after having been strongly suspected by an ENT and a neurologist (who unfortunately doesn’t treat migraine patients so I can’t see that neurologist any more), and recently confirmed by yet another well respected neurotologist.

    I also need to have a neurologist who treats headache to keep on top of all of this, plus have a shrink because I have cognitive impairment and chronic pain, so am covering the bases for treatment.

    Anyway, it’s interesting – only 1 of the 2+ dozen doctors I’ve seen in the last 18 months has had any idea of how vertigo and dizziness could be related to migraine. I get the sense that actually, not only did they not consider a relationship to migraine, but won’t consider anything other than psychological. How very detrimental to the many dizzy patients out there whose lives are ruined by chronic vertigo and dizziness.

    As the article points out, you MUST see a Dr who specializes in dizzy patients, a neurotologist or ENT, because 90‰ of even the best of the neurologists out there will not accept nor diagnose anything other than ‘it’s all due to your psychological problems’, whether you had psychological problems before the dizziness began or not. (Because you certainly will have them once you’re constantly dizzy for at least 6 months and no one will help you.)

    Thank you for writing this article.

    • Lauren Del Sarto, Publisher

      Thank you for reading Desert Health, Mo! We appreciate your contribution.

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • Hello Sir,
    My mother(Age 56) is suffering from head spinning when turning from one side to another side while sleeping, but when sleeping straight it wont happen and this has happened last month. We consulted the Physician and suggested some medicines then after a day she was normal. But now it is happening again. She had undergone Uterus removal operation around 12 years back.
    Please help me….

  • I was stood in my kitchen when all of a sudden I felt dizzy. I walked into the living room and felt like I was going to collapse so lay down on the sofa l. As soon as my head hit the pillow the room started spinning and I had was vomiting. This lasted for a few hours. Now I feel weak and my head still feels dizzy. What might this be and should o see a doctor?

  • Am 58 years old women. When sleeping my head spins often. Most of the time it spins at midnight or early morning.When it happens in food pipe near chest irritation causes and vomit is coming. Doctors has confirmed that seeing my scan I am having H-pylori so I should not eat any spicy or sour items. Because of doctors information I stopped eating spicy and sour food products. ENT doctor also said there is no problem with ears. I dont have High or Low BP, Heart is normal, No sugar. I have done all check up but everything is normal only my head spins. Please give me solution for this. I am not able to sleep night times.

  • About 4 weeks ago I started having a strange sensation in my head. Two weeks later I found a tick behind my knee. I began to become off balanced when walking and my eye site was blurred. I went to my Dr who did a tick panel and started me on antibiotic. A CT scan at that time was normal. My blood work came back five days later positive for Rocky Mountain tick fever. After two weeks, I still continuously have the dizzy spells and have run a low grade fever. How long can I expect to have symptoms from the tick fever? And will the dizziness ever go away? It has me very concerned as I’m unable to preform daily task.

  • Please i feel like about to fall whenever i walk. Sometimes, i had to look down or up alone when i walk. I feel like spinning. My heart beats very fast nowadays. Before this incidence, in my sleep, i felt an insect making noise in my ear. Some days after that night, i started to experience the spin, increased heart beat and sometimes pains in that ear. Please i need your help

  • I have never been more frustrated in my life as I am now.my past episodes would start slowly as spinning sensation and gradually into severe spinning as if the whole room around md was turning in very high speed. It would then be followed by severe vommiting for a good houre. After that, everything woulg go back to normal within 24 hours. The ringing and hissing sound in my ear is non stop regardless of having the episode. The aforementioned episodes dont happene as often now but a new one has developed which is a lot more scarier than the old episode. I do a lot of martial arts and daring stuff and non of them scares me but this new thing scares me bad. As I mentioned, the spinning and vomitting have been replaced with something that I cant even describe but I will try. Im in bed or standing and out of the blue moon, I get a feeling/sensation that somebody just put a taser against my head and triggered it. I then cannot focus my eyes and things on the wall are moving up and down very very rapidly. The severe moving of stuff last foe 15 seconds which feels like an eternity and it subsides within one minute. The dizinnes lasts for couple days until I feel like myself again. The undescribable feeling when its about to start is like somebody blasted you in the head when everything goes hay wire. Or somebody just hit you in head with a hammer. Feeling is like when you go to doctor and he/she gets a hammer and tap it against your knee to check you reaction except it is done to your head and it is 100 times more severe. After the initial blow, my eyes are moving up and down without control like an old tv screen that all of a sudden picture is not stable and it keeps moving up and down without being able to stop it. It is frustrating but then I try to keep a positive attitude and tell the man upstrairs, realy, is this the best you can do, or like, bring it on. Im not gonna let it bring me down. Despite all these, i have times when i get down and discouraged but i try to move on. If anybody has experienced anything like this, please let me know. I rambled alot but I hope that it will help someone in someways to deal with it. Thank you and god bless. Ali.

  • hi..
    I am madhubabu i faced the head spinning problem last 10yars,i am consult the so many nurologys but he.s said nothing,but i am alws all time spinning my head like stans,walk,sit,sleep etc,pls suggest to me what is the problem,and any solution.

  • hi.
    One night I just woke up from heavy spinning. From next day onwards I cannot sleep facing left side of the bed but can do so if I tried slowly. Now , I face a little difficulty when looking up & down Suddenly. Please help

    • Sudden signs of dizziness can be the sign of serious problems and it is recommended that you see an ENT for these symptoms.

      Lauren Del Sarto, Publisher
      Desert Health

  • Hi…
    I am Madhu,I faced the dizziness so many years,I Concerend the Nurologoist is cheked by CT Scan,MRI Scan,ECG,EEG and everthing is fine ,but problem not idetified plz suggest to what is the problem and who’s resolve it,Plz suggest to me.

  • One ay in the morning i got …without warming up i did heavy weight lifting!!!! Before that i was perfect never had vertigo but since dat day i have sudden episodes of vertigo while sleeping i feel like y bed is floating!!! All tests r normal including mri of brain nd survical i have tries everything from physiotherapy to homephathic med. It has been 5 moths im not getting normal!! Now im irritated nd my patience is finished!!! Plz suggest me something !! Every1 said muscle spasm is d answer but i hav taken all meda for spasms im not getting perfect plz help me please!!!!!!

  • hi had really bad spinning about 8 hours I couldn’t focus on anything as everything was spinning around an felt sick, any advice plz

  • Hi,
    Am kinda frustrated now, it all started like 4year back, I was working on my laptop, after completion I kept my laptop aside, I turned on off the lights and lied down on my bed,,,just matter of few seconds things started spinning around me,,it got worse. My frnz took me to hospital, they give me some medi for spinning sensation, the spinning sensation stopped but my body feels unbalanced, I was not able to sit or walk as I always felt like I’ll fall,I know how I gave my final semester exams. My family Dr recommended me to consult neuro. I went under Mri scan of brain nothing was there, Dr was like anxiety and vertigo he prescribed me medicine for it, BP was also kinda high,fast heart beats. But nothing worked for me.
    Still there is no spinning sensations, just I feel unbalanced,,when am sitting I feel my body is moving, when I lay down my head shakes for a while, sometimes feel pressure in my ears as well as eyes, dont know what’s wrong? When I bend down and then back to normal posture, my head feels heavy for a while.
    Plz suggest

    • Hi mandeep,

      ur condition exactly matches with mine except that i don’t get this when iam sitting.iam planning to visit http://www.kkrenthospital.org/, chennai who are experts in treating vertigo & dizziness (Head + neck).u can also consult some experts near to your place regarding this.

  • After going through quite few severe episodes and following up with doctors (which none of them could figure out what the heck is going on), I have come to the conclusion that this desease is caused by some type of virus. What kind of virus, I do not know. In cases when body is at optimal condition, the immune system can fight it without any of the symptoms manifestation, such as, vertigo, diziness, ……mine comes when stress level is high, diet is poor, sleep is insufficient, and depression is at its high. All of the aforementioned is enough ingredients to weaken immune system drastically which in turn results in incapability of the body to combat the virus. It is my opinion that this virus goes dormant when immune system is at its optimal and rears its ugly head when immune system goes down. Bottom line, cut stress out of your life, eat healthy with lots of fruits, vegetables, good fats, and plenty of sleep and some exercise. Also cut the coffee drastically. Follow this and see how you feel and your symptomes will diminish. It has worked to some good extent for me and it may work for you too. Ali

    • yes ali.u r right.cutting down coffee,sweets and having healthy habits increases one’s body balance.but certainly there has to be a solution for this.the problem with english medicine is that diagonising is a biggest problem;once diagonised it can be cured.

  • Hi, whenever I walk for more than an hour or so in sunlight, in market, or places wit lower level of oxygen, my head start spinning and I feel I would be faint. Afterwards, I feel very weak for 3-7 days and during those time my head also spins lightly. It happened with me already 4 times. I thought it is blood pressure and or lowering blood sugar, but it is not. I saw doctos but they didn’t find any problem with my heart, kidney, prostrate etc. I am afraid it may happen again and again. Could you please suggest.

  • Hi, I started feeling like this first time in 2006, I was alone and felt the whole place spinning around me, my head became light and I began holding on the my bed, my pillow and the bed-head board I just did not know which way was up or down my balance was so off I thought I was about to leave my body I managed to sit up then it stopped but as soon as I lay down it happened again so when I could i got up again and tried walking I fell down but managed to crawl to the bathroom where a vomiting sensation came over me, I tried to vomit but nothing came up. since then I am having these attacks even when I travel to other countries, it is now 2014 and I am still having this problem as much as two to three times a year, when it happens it comes without no warning it just happen suddenly. is there any help for me, thank you.

  • Hello. There has been 2 different times that I have had a dizzy feeling. Getting up from a chair and feeling dizzy has no comparison on the way I feel dizzy. It hits me all at once and I instantly feel like vomiting and as if my head is spinning from me being drunk but I’m spinning harder than that and then all of a sudden my heart did this hard thump. The 1 st time I was sitting down and when it hit me and the second time I was feeding my fish. The dizzy feeling calms down but it doesn’t completely go away. I begin to get hot then I get chills. I can’t stand the spinning going on in my head. I was wondering if I need to see a doctor since this has only happened twice? Thank you.

  • Good morning. I have always had ringing in my ears since I was about 6 years of age. I banged the right side of my head on the outside corner of my grandmother’s pool. Cut my head open, and suffered a concussion. Every once in a while I suffer heart palpatations. I noticed last night just before I went to bed, I had heart palpatations, and shortness of breath. Then this morning I rolled over from my left side to my right side about the time I would normally wake up for work during the week, that’s when my head started spinning, and my whole room seem to be spinning. Funny thing also, my right ear started tingeling and crackeling a bit last night while sitting on my sofa before I went to bed. Thought it might be related to the cold I had for about a week now.
    Funny ear feeling, heart palpatations, spinning head, and now cramping pain in my lower right side of my back near my hip joint. I’m 41, and a bit over wait. What do you think this is, and how can I stop it? I am a single mom, and can’t afford to stay home. I drive for a living. Also noticed latey that I have been getting numbness in my wrists that come and go. I’m not afraid, but would like it to stop soon before Monday, so I can go back to work. Any suggestions. I think it is Vertigo. My yonger sister also suffers with similar symtems. My stomach feels sick now too. ;-(

    • Hi christine,
      you should definately get a check up to rule out other issues so you would know that your vertigo is not caused by hi blood pressure, hi cholestrol, or heart pulpitation. Any of the aforementioned could stress your immune system and thus your vertigo more frequent.

  • when go to bad lay for rest at night my head is spinning for 3 or 4 mint then when i woke up from my bad i cant stand from head spinning correctly ,this problem came a month ago when start body blending after a few days of this exercise then came ok when left now again i face to this problem

  • Hi,i am also searching over the internet about spinning of my head.I felt same today.When i woke up in the morning i felt like my head is spinning and even all over the room is spinning.I am just 25 years old.Could you please suggest waiting for rply

  • Hi,I had a sudden dizziness (which lasted for 1-2 minutes)when i woke up from bed during january 2012.during that time i was smoking (6 cigarrates per day)and consuming alcohol (social drinker may be once in a week ).when i went to doctor he checked my BP.it was 140/100 and triglycerides was 250 mg/l and he said imbalance is because of this high blood pressure and cholestrol.Imbalance continued (floating sensation) for months.but when i play games like volleyball,cricket or some active sports,my imbalance stops after 15 mins of active play(when i start to sweat) but after 1-2 hrs after play it starts again.when i switched my job during october 2013 i changed my living style by taking healthy foods,regular exercises,quit smoking,limited alcohol to once in two months my BP,cholestrol became normal but my dizziness didnot stop.this october 2014 i checked MRI brain,Blood count,blood pressure,blood sugar, cholestrol, thyroid, urea creatine and found to be normal.but imbalance didnot stop.
    I can explain exactly when i get imbalance or floating condition:
    1)when iam sitting i don’t get any imbalance.my body is perfectly alright
    2)when i getup from chair ,take sudden turns,when i stand ,when i walk i get imbalance and feel like i gonna fall.(oh.god.even my enemy should not get such things);suddenly i rush to have a support of something
    3)i work in 25th floor .when i travel down in express elevators and when i walk in wide lobby everyday i feel like iam gonna faint and i always look for support.heartbeat increases,head weighs a lot,eyes get confused to what i see (unimaginable things); i change my posture of walking by increasing the speed.till now i didnot fall down.think i will fall down soon and will create a scene in my office.
    4)when i walk in wide roads,supermarkets i get this imbalance and gonna fall sensation.
    5)but the only irony is that when i consume alcohol (1 or 2 pegs)it becomes normal.
    but again next day imbalance persist.consuming alcohol 24×7 is not a wise solution although.
    This type of imbalance is certainly distrubing me a lot and frankly speaking iam not enjoying any good things that happens to me because of this imbalance problem.
    my age is 30 and still not married.iam suffering from this problem for the past 3 years.i fear to get married without curing this imbalance condition.
    any suggestions would be immensely helpful.

    • Ragunathan,
      After reading your entire post, I think your problem is more related to blood pressure fluctuations and anxiety. Your getting up and elevator trips certainly cause wide fluctuations in your blood pressure levels thus feeling dizzy and imbalanced. Also, the fact that alcohol solves your problem momentarily is due to relaxation ghat it brings about thus helping your anxiety. If you can get a portable blood presuure device and monitor you pressure wnen your symptomes occure, you will probably see high fluctuations in your readings. I dont think you have vertigo problems. Read my post and you will know what vertigo realy is. Your case in my opinion is related to anxiety and wild blood pressure fluctuagions.

  • I am feeling almost the same symptoms mentioned above but with ear pain also.
    I went to the doctor and he prescribed me an anti-inflamatory (disclofenac k) and tanganil 500 mg for the dizziness and vastarel 35 (trimetazidine).I took the first 2 medicines only.because i was afraid about having the common side effects with the third medicine(dizziness,nausea,vomiting).
    I am feeling a little better when it comes to the dizziness issue but the other symptoms keep coming back every now and then.and specially the neck pain and the back of the head(pressure).I dunno if there is something else I could do!!

  • Hi
    I think I have this from long. But mine is specific when I lie down on my stomach for reading or working on laptop , I feel light headed and suddenly something flows down till legs and I feel sometimes numbness for seconds. Immediately when I turn to any of my side or get up it goes away. Not sure what is it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Hi sir
    I’m Ravi my age 22
    Iam feeling my head is spinning in the morning time since one year .every time myself I feel dizziness .it will be more when my stomach is empty when iam hungry my head will rotate .idont want do anything that time feel sad no one understands my feeling…some time my arms,head,shoulders will get tingling…plz suggest what to do

  • I am feeling like my head is spinning,but actually it does not,but i feel like that.I also feel high rate of heartbeats also.And i lost my weight upto 3-4 kg in a month.And I feel like vomiting some times.How to cure this??

  • Hi, i woke up this morning and my head is constantly spinning for almost 7 hours now and also when I try to walk, I lose my balance. This happened first time with me, i’m just 17. Any suggestions?

  • my age is 18
    I’m suffering from dizziness lightheaded my head spins and when i walk i feel I’m going to fall.
    blood test,urine test, my sugar level and Blood pressure and eye sight is ok
    now suggest me something .
    I’m suffering it since 2 years ago.

  • Maxine warner

    I tried to do a rolly polly with my grandchild and got as far putting my head upside down on the flour…All night long I felt like I was on the Waltzers and when I move quickly the world spins

    Thank you

  • Hi…friend’s… my problem is head spinning….head lightedness…n when I try to walk I feel ill fall out..sometimes its normal but most of the times i am captured with head spinness….I have bp 140/90 n cholesterol levels are also high.. sounds pertain to be irritating n a feeling of weakness all the time…while travelling I feel things to be moving faster than they really are…can’t concentrate on studies…even when I use mobile with normal brightness eyes seem to be not adapting to it…can anyone pls suggest something??

  • This is only the 2nd time this has happened in a couple months, When ever I put my head down on my pillow on any side I get dizzy.. Please Help

  • Hi, I have been experiencing this spinning sensation of my head for 3 days now and i’m feeling dizzy when i woke up from the bed, whenever I walk or work I start feeling dizzy. and while standing position I feel i’m going to be fall and so much fullness in my head. is that a serious illness? please advise.

  • Hi last month I was suffered from cholera now after that I continuously feeling drowziness head spinning and vomiting in one day of every week my doctor told me its weakness now I am taking a proper diet but same is happening to me I am unable to attend my classes I am much worried about it becoz the condition remain the same whole day.kindly suggest me what should I do? To which kind of physian should I consult?

  • Hi….my head started spining when suddnly i stand up from ma bench to go out from room. Suddnely i felt dizziness. Its been 3 days stil it is. And theres some sound keep sounding on my left ear. Can you please tell me what should i do to it.

  • Im 15yrs old and i cant sleep at all.
    As soon as i shut my eyes my whole head and room starts to spin and then i start breathing really hard. I dont know ehat to do, this has been going on for over a month, please help!

  • Jo blackishmerk

    I thought that my dizzy spells lasted about 3 minutes and that it was because it was dehydrated, after i read this my head felt better although my arms could barely hold up my phone. is this bad?

  • Hi,
    Please help me, I am suffering from dizzyinees. The symptoms are as follows, first of all a very little spinning occours then my vision gets blurred and diminished and after some time my heart beat increases. And when ever I concentrate the spinning of my head increases. Some times it spins so hard that I can not walk properly. This is occurring to me past 1year. Please give me proper suggestion and remedy. Please mail me at viveksinghzee02@gmail. Com , please help me. I will be very thankfull to u.

  • The above post is done by I’m doing again to tell more thing. Before few month I got my bp check it was 164/97 but now it is Ok. I consulted with the neurologist he told me that I have stress in my mind and gave me ginkobiloba. Tablets. There was some head ache also so I got voviran also. But now also my head spins . my age is 24, I am an ies aspirant. Please help….Ali by mailing me at viveksinghzee02@gmail. Com

  • My head gets hot,my face have this tingling sensation sometimes.I’m dizzy & I get light headed like I’m about to pass out

  • recently my Head starts spinning around when I roll over in bed. This has never happened to me before..I get up and I am still feeling unbalanced..lay back down and head starts feeling like I am swimming in my pillow?? what is this>> I am 68..I do have stress in my life at the present time…going thru a divorce..could it be that simple?? no other symptoms..

  • I feel dizzy since 2004 and I have the blood presure.other thing when I finish eating I go to the toilet alway .what is problem

  • I was at work one day and felt very dizzy. I started to throw up after the dizziness became to much. I went home to clean up and feel alseep for about an hour. When I woke up and opened my eyes the entire room was spinning around me and I felt nauseous. I went to the hospital as I could not stop vomiting and they gave me some anti nausea meds and something for vertigo. However when I read about vertigo it says symptoms last for a very short period of time. I have had the spins constantly for about 3 days ago. What can I do so that I can go back to work?

  • Hi sir..iam feeling last6 months of head spinning what can i eat to stop…i consult many doctors they said i am thinking more…please save my life

  • My head is spinning lightly ..i want to stop it .what to eat..please tell

  • Hi, I’m a 13 year old girl. Recently my head started spinning when I lie down. This is the second time I’m experiencing it, the first time was in the end of 2016.

    My head hurts, and the room is spinning wildly. I can still move even though everything is spinning. And my head still hurts even though the spinning ends.

    Recently also, my ear started to hurt sometimes.

    Can you please explain what is my disease?

    Kindly reply, thank you.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you, Audrey. As you can see from the numerous comments to this article, vertigo can happen for a number of reasons. It is highly recommended that you visit an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor to determine the cause of your symptoms.

      With appreciation ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • Hi iam 17 year old . my head is spinning since last 3days . it only stops spinnning when i sleep ,so i have been in my bed for last 3 days every time i woke up my head starts spining . Iam also felling like my body is burning

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for reading. We strongly recommend that you go see a doctor for these symptoms to determine the cause.

      With appreciation ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • hi I am 58 years old I woke up one morning ifelt like room was going round went back to bed got up still same it made me sick a bit thought got a bug but I I still feel dizzy in a morning now its been like it for 6 days but not as bad just sit on bed for a bit then walk slowly as it is like for a couple of hours then fine rest of days

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for reading Desert Health, Christine. If your symptoms continue, we recommend you visit a doctor to identify the root cause.

      With appreciation ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • Sometimes when i walk i feel lightheaded and spinning head.. now when i am trying to sleep by laying down i am feeling spinning sensations with my ears continously ringing.

  • I am a 43yr old women and i fell very dizzy when i turn my head move stand up or sit down to fast i also have blured vision sometimes and dont know why! It just started a few days ago.

  • Mt head is spinning when lying down. My BP is normal. When I am not sleeping everything its fine. What can cause that.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Please see the many comments and responses on this site to help identify the cause.
      With appreciation ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • I suffered a violent head spinning during the day when I stood up suddently from a sitting on the floor positon. I went to ER and got a full check up. I was alright but after that head spinning occurrence, I often experience dizziness at any time and any day. When that happens I use the bottom part of my hand that connect with my wrist to knock on my forehead a few times then on each sides of my head a few times. It helps a lot with the dizziness to the point that it stops. Try it, I found it works for me and I hope it works for you as well.

  • One year ago muja right side chest pain hu. Phr m cardiologist doc k pas gya . Doc. N muja test stress test. 2deco. ECG karya. But test is normal. Phr doctor n kaha gastric problems ha . doc. N muja walking karna ko kha. 10 / 15 day bad muja jhula khata time halka vertigo feel hua. But din b din chakar badta gya. MNA MRI brain, cervical, spin ,neck ango, brain ct scan and brain egg karya. Ct throx chest ct scan all fine. and include blood vitam d low(7) and b12 (225) chestrol little high. no sugar. bp 140/70 some time. all time normal bp. blood test kft. lft. normal chakar ka pta nhi chala please helpdoc. thodi body m fadkna bhi hoti ha.

  • From last 24 hours i m feeling that in my brain that its spinning and lightness too. Cant sleep because of this. I consult doctor but they say its fever but there is no raise in temperature and bp is Normal too. Please tell me what should i do. Yes i smoke but from 3 days i m trying to quit smoking so i didnt smoked from 3 days.

  • Now I have to sit when I sleep. One morning when i woke up i felt my bed felt like a boat in a stormy sea, I had to hold the bed not to fall. Went to emergency, they did CT scans, they could not find anything. Day after I was better. But I had to sit and sleep. Last night I lay down flat to put some eye drops, it happened again and I perspired heavily. I cannot bend my head or look up or lie down, because it comes back. Please tell me what I should do? Thank you for your response. Sid

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Sid, Your symptoms are similar to others who have commented on this page. Please review the responses here as the doctor would advise the same and can only do so much without an office visit. If you have not yet seen an ENT, it is recommended you do so.

      Be well, and thank you for reading Desert Health ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • I am 65 ,it is very annoying to live with symptoms of head spinning ,dizziness, nausea . I have been experiencing the symptoms ON and OF for 6 years now .Went to specialist who maneuvered my head and i was happy for 3 months and it came back ,Second time i went to different therapist .My laryngologist strongly suggested the second one and i was OK for 3 years (I think he was very good ).It came back again after 3 years and it is even worse than before .I have to search again for a really good therapist .Any suggestion ? I am located in Montreal,Canada

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you, Rose. I spoke with Dr. Kato and she recommended that you try McGill University for a local recommendation as they have many quality practitioners in ENT.

      Best of luck and thank you for reading Desert Health ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • Sir since I grew up I always experience my head spinning as if my brain is Moving .
    I can’t play for long without this happening to me and when ever it occurs sweat just gosh down my body like I was poured a bucket of water and now I’m 25 and it’s still happening of cos I don’t feel it always but once in a month it comes up.
    What’s the cause and what should I do

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      It is strongly recommended that you see a doctor for this condition.
      Without an exam, it is not possible to give you a diagnosis.

      Hopefully you will find some of the other comments here helpful.
      Thank you for reading Desert Health!

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • I get a feeling of dizziness in the morning of a day just when monsoon arrives in our country and this happens once a year on the same day. What can be a reason of this???

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for reading… This is very interesting and probably related to barometric pressure. You should seek advise from someone in your region who is familiar with your weather patterns.

      With appreciation ~
      Lauren Del Sarto

  • Hi,I had a sudden light dizziness /head spinnid, I dont know what it is ( which lasted for 18-20 min) when i woke up from the dream.
    I woke up at 4:30am in the morning, i spent some time by watching documentries, im tired & slept for 12 min (10:22 to 10:34).. In btw i dreamt abt 12 min nly..
    Can u amswer me wt caused me that head spinning?

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for reading… As you can see from other comments on this page, there are many things which can cause dizziness. If the condition continues, it is advised that you seek attention from a health care provider.

      All the best ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • When my head neck relaxes back on a pillow all the way back my head neck body stomach go in to a violent uncontrollable spinning that I have to roll over to stop it or else I am afraid to know what will happen to me, my face becomes red and for a couple of hours I feel the residual in my stomach from the out of control violent spin, help!!!

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      It is recommended you go see a doctor if this condition persists more than a day.

      Thank you ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • It’s been only 2 days , I am feeling my head is spinning and I can not control my body for more than 5 mins after waking up in the morning. I don’t know why this is happening . I have never felt this before. Please help.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      It is recommended you go see a doctor if this condition persists more than a day.

      Thank you ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • Am 34 i had heart attack in my 28 year. Now all is well . Past 1 and half yr am suffering from loss of balance and dizzzness. Currently using newro tablets

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for reading, Srikanth. We certainly recommend you see a doctor for these symptoms – especially considering your past heart incident.

      With appreciation ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • Hi. I am 17 years old. I suffer from iron deficiency anemia, and often feel lightheaded. A couple days ago I was laying down in bed , and all of a sudden it felt like someone had tilted my head, and me and my bed were all spinning. Then a split second later it turned back to normal. Today, I was sitting in the bathroom and all of a sudden the same thing happened and a split second later I felt fine. I’m very confused , as this is a different feeling than a normal light headed moment.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you, Karly, but it is hard to say what may be going on. Hopefully some of the comments above have been helpful, but if these symptoms continue, we recommend that you see a doctor.

      With sincere appreciation for reading Desert Health ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • I feel like spinning my head whenever my heart beat is fast like when I run, or I have sex or I got sudden injury..my head start spinning and some times I m sub conscious even
    What can be. Problem.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for reading, Panaj. Have you gone to an ENT to look at your inner ear canal?
      As noted in all the comments above, this may be where the problem starts…

      With appreciation ~

      • I felt that spinning sensation for first time at 2008..After that i had felt it a lot..It use to come like an attack and went on its own..About months ago i was so severe that i cant even walk properly…I went for physician..Done several blood test and CT scan too..I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis..I took antibiotics but it didnt helped me out…I feel it a lot..I consulted ENT doctor too nothing is helping
        ..I am so worried now…Now its not that severe but i feel that spinning sensatiom few times a day..What might be the cause?And whom should i consult with?

      • I felt that spinning sensation for first time at 2008..After that i had felt it a lot..I cant wslk on a circular path and cant watch the things spinning …It spins my head…It use to come like an attack and went on its own..About months ago it was so severe that i cant even walk properly…I went for physician..Done several blood test and CT scan too..I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis..I took antibiotics but it didnt helped me out…I feel it a lot..I consulted ENT doctor too nothing is helping
        ..I am so worried now…Now its not that severe but i feel that spinning sensatiom few times a day..What might be the cause?And whom should i consult with?

  • Hello two years ago I had vertigo for about a week I got really sick I felt I couldn’t balance upon standing, dizzy, vomiting and diarrhea. I couldn’t control standing so my co workers called ambulance and they took me to hospital so I stayed there for about a week till I was controlled I also lost my appetite for several days everything tasted gross I felt like throwing up all the time. The hospital did a scan of my head and doctor said everything seemed all good with my head. But now two years after I went to doctor and said I had Thyroid cause I was having black outs upon standing or bending down so am taking medicine for it which is not a big doze, but I still feel dizzy and black outs upon standing or bending like when I get off my car all the sudden it happens like for about several seconds but I stay still till it goes away but I don’t know if this has to do with the vertigo I had or because my thyroid. But I need to talk to my doctor and let him know how I feel. I just don’t feel normal I know I am not 20 any more but I don’t think this is normal. But I would like to get your advice. Thank you

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Good Day, Norma ~

      Your symptoms are not normal and could be a variety of causes. It is good that you are reaching out to your doctor. It is hard for Dr. Kato to diagnosis or give advise without seeing you.

      Best wishes ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • Mark Godsfavour

    My dad is 60, he well built and healthy but he suffers from head spin or vertigo even when he is lying down or driving. Whenever it happens, he sweats profusely all over his body and clings on any nearby object so tight. I deeply concerned about it but I don’t know what to do. Please any help for my dad… I will be very glad, thanks.

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Mark, we are so sorry to hear about your father. As you can see from the above comments and answers from Dr. Kato, vertigo is caused by many different factors (reading through comments may be beneficial). Have you taken your Dad to see an ear, nose and throat specialist? This is certainly the best place to start.

      Be well and thank you for reading Desert Health ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • If any buddy tell me my problem is dizzy and spinning sensation 24/7 in 3 to 4 months my i check up alots of doctor every dr gave me tabltes but my problem did not cure if last ENT dr told me my right ear infected like swelling gave me tablets but i did not feeling well can any buddy tell me what is the issue is it ear problem? thankyou

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for reading Desert Health. Hopefully some of the comments here will help you. It would be impossible to diagnose your condition without an exam.

      Be well and be safe ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  • Asslam o alaikum!
    Firstly I am feeling some sensation like something is come and go from head to toe and spin around me. Spinning of things around me cured itself but internal sensation not go away. What should I do. I am taking medicine my doctor give me medicine of megrain or anxiety. My head is feeling like spin sensention and I I wake up from sleep my head feel bulky and feel like a car start. Please help what I should do for it.


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