We were honored by Gloria Greer’s attendance at the first annual Desert Health® Wellness Awards

We were honored by Gloria Greer’s attendance at the first annual Desert Health® Wellness Awards

As we welcome the New Year, we say goodbye to many important people we lost in 2015. Among them is, Gloria Greer, whom I greatly admired as one of our Desert’s original publishers (Sand To Sea 1974), a respected journalist, editor, television host, and champion for her non-profit Act for MS.

I had the pleasure of knowing Gloria socially over the past several years and was always inspired by her words of wisdom and positive attitude.

We lost Gloria to esophageal cancer which she felt was related to chronic acid reflux and the long-term use of PPIs (Prilosec, etc.). We have frequently written in Desert Health® about the dangers of this condition and extended use of medication to relieve symptoms. Too many people continue to mask symptoms without understanding the long-term consequences. Getting to the root of the problem and making dietary and lifestyle changes to get rid of acid reflux – and off the drugs – is key.

Cancer is a word we continue to hear all too often. Thus, I was delighted when Dr. Kelly Turner’s book, Radical Remission, was introduced to me (books tend to find you when you need them). Her extensive work provides, not only hope and inspiration for those living with cancer, but cancer prevention “from those who have walked the walk.” I truly feel everyone can benefit from this book – especially those in our medical and natural health communities who are treating this disease (see Health is a Choice pg. 1).

We are honored that 2016 is our sixth year of providing information, resources and options to help you make healthier choices for yourself and those you love. Thank you for reading!

Set your intentions for a happy and healthy 2016 ~

Lauren Del Sarto

Lauren Del Sarto

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  • Norma Greer Fishkind

    Dear Lauren,

    Bravo! Your editorial on my mother Gloria Greer, and her fight against esophagial cancer related to years of acid reflux and taking pravacid to maslk the symptoms that were so much more, is beautifully written. She was the picture of health and adhered to a good diet. Her favorite breakfast: plain Organic Greek yogurt with fresh Organic blueberries and raspberries!

    Thank you for such an excellent read. And for being a wonderful friend!



    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you, Norma. You should be very proud of that amazing woman you get to call Mom.

      Happy New Year ~


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