Haleys favorites are bell peppers

Haley’s favorites are bell peppers

I stopped in for lunch the other day at Souplantation in La Quinta. As I browsed and collected from the ‘55 feet of farm fresh fare,’ I overheard a Mom behind me ask her little girl if she wanted broccoli and then cucumber and then spinach. The answer to each was an enthusiastic “yes.” I was impressed – and made a point of letting Mom and daughter know.

Souplantation’s unmatched, single price salad bar is a wonderful concept that offers healthy affordable food. The only challenge can be resisting the temptation to indulge in the muffins, breads and pizzas that come with your meal. This goodie bar is where I usually see the kids. But not this little girl. She was happy with her veggies. I had to meet her.

“I’m Haley and I’m turning 6 tomorrow,” she proudly stated. Haley and her mom recently moved to the area and live in Indio. Grandma Terry was with them visiting from Florida. “She’s been eating like this all her life.”

I had to ask Haley’s Mom Erin her secret. “While eating, we have always made her try one of everything. She doesn’t have to eat it, but she tries it. And she’s just become accustomed to nutritious foods.”  Erin became aware of healthy eating habits later in life when Grandma Terry started researching and understanding what foods are really good for you and which ones are not. “I began to understand the immeasurable benefits of vegetables and greens.” And she passed it on to her daughter and granddaughter.

Haley likes spinach, corn, tomatoes and broccoli (‘but only with ranch’). Her favorites are bell peppers. “She eats them like apples.”

I was so delighted to see this family dining together with three generations enjoying a healthy meal. Haley seemed like such a happy little girl. She eats nutritious food and it shows – a bright smile on her face and a bell pepper in her hand.

Souplantation, located on Hwy 111 at Jefferson in La Quinta, caters to families and is open for lunch and dinner Sunday – Thursday 11a -9p and 11a-10p Friday & Saturday. Lunch is a flat $8.59 and dinner $10.29 for ages 12+ (3-5 yo $3.99; 6-12 $4.99). Beverages are extra. 760.342.0555 

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