Losing weight can be a challenge and having a coach as your partner along the journey can make a difference in successfully achieving your goals and maintaining results. 

A study in the National Library of Medicine states that coaching raises awareness and responsibility for health behaviors.1 Being accountable to someone for your weight loss typically enhances motivation to participate in creating action plans, developing a new mindset and setting higher levels of accountability. The study concludes that those who work with a coach are more likely to follow through and achieve the results they set for themselves. 

What’s the difference between a weight loss coach and a dietitian? 

In an article in Today’s Dietician magazine, author and Registered Dietician Laurie Beebe discusses how dietitians standardly advise on portion control, label reading, cooking methods and ways to reduce caloric intake. “A weight loss coach listens more and talks less than a dietitian, asks questions in place of instructing, helps clients prepare for change, and offers strategies specifically designed for clients.”2 She adds that in coaching, the objective is to listen to clients, prepare them for change, and then assist them by eliciting an individualized plan that will work for them. “When clients design their own plans with their own schedules in mind, they’re more likely to follow through.”

In addition, a coach typically is expected to offer support through motivation, inspiration and coping skills to move clients forward in reaching their next challenging, yet attainable, goals. 

Who is a good candidate for a weight loss coach?

  1. Those who can’t stop eating and gaining no matter how many diets they’ve tried;
  2. Those who say “I’ll start tomorrow” but never do; 
  3. Those who desire a healthier relationship with food; 
  4. Those who feel they need assistance in changing their mindset about
    weight loss.

For many, working with a coach can help break down unhealthy barriers to weight loss and create a healthy and sustainable relationship with food.

Michelle Borthwick is a keto lifestyle coach who tailors sustainable programs to meet individual needs and goals. She can be reached at (760) 285.1241 or [email protected]. For more information or to book your complimentary consultation visit www.Ketoiseasycoach.com

1) https://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/110413p40.shtml;
2) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5207339/

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