Cancerous tumors, due to their fast metabolism, exist best in a ‘low oxygen’ environment. While chemotherapy is, by nature, dominantly an oxidative process, there are non-toxic oxidative therapies available in out-patient environments that are proving to be effective as a complement to chemotherapy and radiation or as stand-alone holistic treatment options.

Both hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and intravenous vitamin C cause significant oxidation of the tumor cell which slows down tumor growth and inhibits the tumor defense mechanisms. HBOT floods the body with oxygen at the cellular level and is an American Medical Association, FDA and Medicare approved modality. Through HBOT, oxygen is not only saturating the red cell hemoglobin but is also dissolved within the plasma, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluids. When tumors are exposed to a surplus of oxygen, the tumor cell retains significantly more oxygen which functions to “gum-up” the internal chemistry of the tumor cell and “stun” the tumor. Stunning the tumor helps to mitigate the circumstances of metastasis and helps control the aggressive nature of the tumor, as well as its ability to invade both nearby and distant body sites.

The tumor uptake of glucose is exponentially greater than that of other cells. This is why a tumor’s surface has up to 25 times the number of insulin receptors than that of other cells. Did you also know that when looking at the ascorbic acid/vitamin C molecule, it bears a striking resemblance to the glucose molecule? Tumors, because of their greedy nature, inadvertently consume ascorbic acid/vitamin C when consuming glucose, and therefore concentrate it greatly within the cell. When a tumor cell metabolizes the vitamin C it causes an increase in production of hydrogen peroxide (H202). While this is exported outside of the tumor cell, once it begins to accumulate both within the cell and at the extracellular level, it causes significant oxidation of the tumor cell. This damage makes the cell non-viable and mitigates the circumstances of metastasis.

Combining the two therapies – hyperbaric oxygen therapy and intravenous vitamin C – creates a non-toxic treatment that is particularly effective at “stunning” the tumor and can help initiate apoptosis (tumor cell death). Both therapies are recommended for patients seeking a holistic approach to combat cancer and can provide significant adjunctive benefits to patients undergoing either chemotherapy or radiation.

Prior to beginning HBOT or intravenous vitamin C, a prescription must be obtained from a licensed physician. An initial consultation which includes a blood draw usually takes less than an hour. HBOT can begin immediately and vitamin C IVs, upon evaluation of the blood panel, normally begin within a week.

As with all medical conditions, it is important to inform your entire medical team of therapies you are seeking.

Daniel Everett, CHT, DMT-A is the director of hyperbaric operations at Optimal Hyperbaric and can be reached at (760) 699.1607. Optimal Hyperbarics works in conjunction with Preventive Medicine Centers for IV therapy and the initiation of a consultation with a physician. For more information call (760) 320.4292.

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