Few fashion items seem as elusive as finding the perfect summer shoe. As the years grow on me, my tootsies demand more respect (and support) than an inexpensive pair of trendy flip flops can provide. In addition, I have finally accepted that Birkenstocks and Crocs, albeit comfy, are not always the most suitable choice to complete a more polished look.

Having been on the quest for a chic-practical-go-with-everything-in-my-closet shoe, I have curated 3 must-have styles that are sure to keep your feet smiling and your inner fashionista proud.

Neutral platform wedges with an ankle strap. Platform sandals come in a variety of styles to suit your preferred look and budget. Whether you go for a “flatform” wedge in which the entire sole of the shoe is anchored solidly on the ground (similar to a sneaker) or you opt for a raised platform, you can’t go wrong with this choice, which pairs perfectly with linen shorts, cotton capris, or a full skirt. When selecting the perfect hue, check your predominant color palate…do you tend toward warm tones or cool tones? Purchase a pair that complements your wardrobe in order to get the most use.

Flat stacked mule slides. Mule slides are an easy, classic shoe that transcend many fashion styles and have remained on trend for decades. Since you can find them in unlimited colors and fabrics, it becomes effortless to match them with your existing summer wardrobe. Alternatively, I am obsessing over this summer’s ice cream colored palette serving up all the “flavors” – from mint green to yellow sorbet. Decide to be bold and add a pastel punch of color to an ordinarily plain colored outfit.

Block heel sandals. Flat sandals aren’t always an option, especially when attending a swanky garden party or dining at a chic restaurant. However, a block heel, also called a chunky heel, is the ideal option. Again, this style of sandal comes in a bevy of colors and fabric choices. Block heel sandals work with everything from fancy adorned jeans to a midi-length dress, or even a ball gown. I suggest choosing a scrappy metallic version to instantly increase the sizzle factor and look appropriately dressed, all while being comfortable throughout the duration of your festivities.

Regardless of the color or particular style you are drawn to, functional fashionable summer footwear is not as mystical as you may have thought. Use the suggestions above to create a custom look that’s entirely your own.

Remember, the most important factor in choosing your summer supplies is that you think happy thoughts, feel a sense of calm and peace, and consequently, inspire others to do the same. Happy feet forward!

Elizabeth Scarcella, founder of Go Get Young and co-owner of Rx2Fitness, is dedicated to helping others find health in all aspects of life. For more information, find her at [email protected].

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